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Hilarious First Ever Redneck Games Coming to Southern Idaho

Practice your best ‘Yeehaw’ because you’ll need it at the Redneck Games coming up in Southern Idaho. The redneck games sound like they are going to be a hoot. It’s a full day on August 20th of activities, shows, and food which sounds a lot like a regular county fair. But this is nothing like a fair. The redneck games are interactive and the more you participate, the more fun you’ll have. Contests and games include watermelon eating, best mullet, community water balloon fight, redneck horseshoes, and a hubcap hurl. Participation in all the events is included with your admission price. The Redneck Games are $10 per person for adults, $5 for 6 to 17-year-old kids, and under 5 are free.
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Can You be Both a Catholic and an Idaho Beef Farmer?

The role of the Pope, as I understand it, is to shepherd souls to heaven. Saving the planet from climate change wouldn’t appear to be a biblical priority. It didn’t get much attention when he said it, but Pope Francis is advising people to eat a lot less meat, and not simply on Fridays. The story got overlooked because of wars and potential wars and news about inflation. Which has forced many of us to reduce meat consumption even without the threat of excommunication!

Three Solutions That Could Fix Idaho’s Teacher Shortage

It’s no secret that Idaho has struggled with education. Idaho ranks dead last of all the states in student spending. If you ask any teacher, they’ll tell you at length that Idaho teachers are not paid enough when compared to their counterparts in other states. Add that to the fact that the overall job market is more competitive, it’s no surprise that Idaho is short on teachers in both the public and private sectors. This shortage is only expected to grow in the coming years, as more and more baby boomers retire from their teaching positions. We know what the problem is, so what might we do to fix it?

Why Idaho is Seeing All Time High in Resignations Across the State

The cost of living continues to rise, and jobs are in high demand. All across Twin Falls, Idaho, and the country, many businesses have 'help wanted' signs in their windows. For those that have jobs, the frustrations are real. Many of us are overworked, tired, underpaid, and feel underappreciated. The frustration grows with time, and after so long you feel like quitting. Patience does not last as long as it use to and bosses are finding themselves with holes to fill when workers decide to act on this frustration and decide to quit. Resignations are happening daily across the country, but in Idaho, they seem to be at an alarmingly high rate.

Why Idaho Has One of the Worst Early Educational Systems

School is beginning soon and for many parents, it means there is much to do. Getting supplies, doing to school clothes shopping, and getting back to a normal sleeping schedule. There is a lot to be done to get ready for school, and for those that have little ones, they are preparing for their children to go to pre-school and kindergarten for the first time. While many parents hate to see their little ones grow up, it is also exciting to see them learn new things. Living in Idaho, a question must be asked, are our children getting a good early education? How does Idaho compare to other states?

12 Businesses That Made Growing Up in Twin Falls Idaho Awesome

Occasionally, my wife and I will leave for vacation and become enamored with some new place that might be a little bigger, or it might have a little more water, or the weather might seem a little less erratic. And sometimes, for a split second, we might think of what it might be like to live elsewhere. But every single time we might be tempted if only for a second, we remind ourselves how much we miss home. There's no place I'd rather be than in Twin Falls.

Shop Local in Southern Idaho in August and Win Epic Prizes

Local businesses in Southern Idaho are the heartbeat of our communities. Mom and pop shops and locally owned locations are scattered across the Magic Valley and while you should support local as often as possible, there’s an extra push happening right now in the Magic Valley. Shop local in August and you not only help your neighbors thrive but you could also win cool prizes.

Moment of Sportsmanship During Little League Game Goes Viral

Texas is wild about its youth sports. Fiercely passionate. Recently in the world of Little League baseball, the Wylie Abilene team had an outstanding season making it all to the Southwest Regionals. Unfortunately, they lost to a very powerful Tulsa National team. However, there's no denying these young men have...

Idaho’s Famous National Park Gets Snubbed in Exciting New Disney+ Series

Idaho is home to six national parks, reserves, historic sites, and monuments but in a new Disney+ series Idaho gets snubbed. The new National Geographic/Disney+ series is titled ‘America’s National Parks’ and the legendary Garth Brooks narrates it. The series is going to focus on five National Parks from all around the United States. Yellowstone National Park is getting overlooked in this newest series, but that really isn’t a bad thing. While a focus on Yellowstone might bring a little love to Idaho as the park covers part of our eastern border, it isn’t necessary. Yellowstone has been covered in so many films and features, that not hearing about it will be a nice reprieve.

Idaho’s Ammon Bundy Reacts to Raid On Mar-a-Lago

He calls it government overreach and has some experience on the receiving end. It was 2014 and his family in Nevada was being pressed by federal agents over grazing rights. It was one of the top stories of the previous decade. Bundy is now an independent candidate for Governor of Idaho. This week, he joined Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX. He also had some thoughts on the federal government expanding the size of the Internal Revenue Service.

DANGER: New Invasive Species Found in Boise, ID

Invasive plant species are nothing new in Idaho. Japanese Yew and similar plants have developed a nasty reputation as elk that feed on it quickly die. Cheatgrass has spread across the high desert and is now a major fuel source for wildfires. Even by early summer, it’s often so dry if you touch a blade it will dissolve into a powder. It also displaces sagebrush.

Kimberly Boil Order Lifted

KIMBERLY, Idaho (KLIX)-The City of Kimberly has lifted a boil order for some municipal water users. The city said after tests of the water system in the impacted areas it is now safe to drink and cook with tap water. On Monday crews conducted a scheduled shutdown of the water system in parts of the community which required residents to boil their water after the system was restored. People living between Center Street to the tracks and Oak to Ash Streets can use their tap water as usual.

Idaho Man’s Record Catfish a Rare Catch

MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho (KLIX)-A record catch at a Southern Idaho reservoir turns out to be a rare one. Paul Newman and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game were stumped for a bit after the man had caught a record-size catfish at C.J. Strike Reservoir they originally thought was a channel catfish. After further examination of the photo, it turns out the fish was indeed a state record, but it was a blue catfish, a rare species in Idaho. Newman had been fishing for sturgeon on July 20, instead he hooked the massive catfish. He recorded the size and weight then released it before submitting the information and photo to Idaho Fish and Game. At first biologist determined the fish was a channel catfish from the picture and awarded the record to Newman. Officials say the two species are very similar and distinguishing the two apart is difficult without physical examination. Eventually it was confirmed to be a blue catfish and handed out the first ever state record for the species at 37 pounds. Idaho Fish and Game looked back into its stocking records because blue catfish are not native to Idaho and haven't been stocked in recent years; channel catfish, also a non-native species, are regularly stocked in the state from farms. Blue catfish haven't been stocked in Idaho waters since the mid-1980s. Idaho Fish and Game speculates that it is possible that some of the species might have escaped fish farms along the Snake River that raise them or some of them might of gotten mixed up with channel catfish at the farms used for stocking. The current record for catch and release channel catfish will remain at 32.9 pounds, also caught at C.J. Strike by Cody Kastner.

8 Events for the Final Weekend of Summer Vacation in Twin Falls

School starts next week for many in the area, and this weekend marks the final weekend of summer vacation for all those children. Summer has flown by and soon the weather will begin to cool off, we hope. This is one final weekend to enjoy summer 2022 before it is too late. Just like there has been all summer, this weekend will be packed full of events to enjoy the closing days, as well as to help you get prepared before school begins. Here are some of the many events taking place this weekend in and around Twin Falls.

Idaho Man and Friend Break New World Record in Boise

Everyone has some sort of lifelong goal they shoot for. For some it can be pursuing a certain career, for others it may be being a parent and grandparents, and for others, it may be succeeding in something like running a certain distance at a certain time or climbing a mountain. Some people will achieve their goals, while many will also fall short. Only one person can be the fastest man alive, and only so many people get to go to space, but somebody has to achieve these goals. One goal that many dream of is setting a world record, and while many of us fall short, one man in Idaho has found a way to not set only one, but many, and he has added another one to his list.