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Popular Kentucky Restaurant Gets New Home & A Brand-New Name

Here in Owensboro-Daviess County, we love our food. Everyone is excited to find out that Windy Hollow Restaurant is getting a brand-new home. Windy Hollow Restaurant has been a staple in our community for many years. They have been operating since 1968. Angel here and I remember visiting with my dad when I was younger and when I became a parent we would venture out after church on Sundays. The home-cooked meals and welcoming atmosphere set it apart from other places. The breakfast buffet is to die for...REALLY!
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Kentucky Man Makes Plea With Community To Help Bring Precious Pup Home

If you are an animal lover this will truly hit home. A family from Owensboro is seeking help finding their dog that got off its leash. Daisy has been found! I can’t thank all of you kind people enough for what y’all did. And to the woman who picked her up you made my family come back together. I’m extremely thankful and glad we moved to Owensboro. I love you all and thank you so much. I’m so happy my family is back. Six days running around Owensboro like a wild puppy, who said pitbull can’t survive in the cold.
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'Burger Week' Returning to Owensboro in March

Officials in Owensboro, Kentucky, have announced the return of "Burger Week." Burger Week will kick off on Tuesday, March 1, and run through Saturday, March 5. During burger week, members from in and around the Owensboro area will be able to try signature burgers from dozens of restaurants in the area.

Henderson, Kentucky Restaurant Serving New Line of Cereal Milkshakes

Who says you can't have a milkshake for breakfast?. Growing up, I'd eat cereal for breakfast every day. One of my favorite parts was whenever I finished the cereal, I got to drink the cereal flavored milk left in the bowl. Sure, chocolate milk is great, but it's got nothing on Fruity Pebble or Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavored milk. One Henderson restaurant has taken the concept of that and put its own twist on it by creating a new line of milkshakes that cereal lovers will jump at the bit to try.

DNR Wants to Know: Have You Ever Seen a Mudpuppy In Indiana?

Mudpuppy. That is the common name for a type of salamander found across parts of the United States including here in Indiana. Indiana Considers Mudpuppies to Be of "Special Concern" The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says these carnivorous amphibians are considered to be of "special concern" regarding population conservation....

Proposed bill would make Kentucky restaurants “dog friendly”

HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Senate Bill 107, introduced in the Kentucky General Assembly, would allow for food establishments to become dog-friendly, a topic that has created some mixed feelings. “I would absolutely not take my pets into a restaurant,” says Heath Stone of Webster County. “I’m all for it,” says Paula Hawkins, Director of New […]

Owensboro’s Burger Week Returns and It’s Bigger, Better and Beefier

Get ready! It's going to be bigger. Better. Beefier. Owensboro's Burger Week is coming back!. Visit Owensboro and the City of Owensboro are again joining forces for Burger Week. The inaugural event was held in March of 2021 and was a deliciously successful event in every definition of the word. Last year, according to Visit Owensboro's Dave Kirk, the goal was to sell 5,000 burgers. Well, the event was so popular it's safe to say it turned into a double. When it was all said and done and the last burger was flipped, the participating restaurants joined forces to sell a combined 11,000 hamburgers.

Owensboro Burger Week returning March 1-5

Owensboro Burger Week is back. Set to take place March 1-5, the competition will showcase signature burgers from restaurants throughout the city and county. Any local restaurant can participate, and more than 30 have already signed up to participate. Each participating restaurant will sell a burger of their choosing for...