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David Letterman Tried to Befriend Kevin Durant—and Failed Miserably

“I’ve spoken a lot over the years about how much I love Dave [Letterman]—about the impact he’s had on me as a comedian and a talk show host,” Jimmy Kimmel said at the top of his show Tuesday night. “And Dave is here tonight to ask me to stop doing that. He’s getting uncomfortable with it.”Yes, for Kimmel’s second consecutive show broadcasting out of Brooklyn, New York, he welcomed his hero, David Letterman, to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! couch. And Kimmel wasn’t exaggerating. He grew up worshipping Letterman—he joked about losing his virginity on a bed with Late Night with...
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Languish Arts

The Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn depicted in Ka’s music is stark: bleached of artifice, enhanced by religious levels of penance and gratitude. There’s constant talk of being damned, of making the best of bad situations brought about by poverty, police, drug dealing, and the irrevocable nature of street ties that bind. But the beats and bars that Ka conjures never feel one-dimensional. His voice flows through cracks in the street corners where friends were shot down, the directness of his writing birthing dark, cavernous alleyways and cupboards reeking of instant soups and desperation. The scope of early projects like Iron Works and Grief Pedigree is vast and gutting enough on its own, but Ka’s work grew more potent once he began using themes and concepts to canonize his story as an epic in its own right.

Tyrannical Vibes

Mike Kolb moved to New York City in 2012 to study opera at Brooklyn College, but it wasn’t until he became immersed in the borough’s DIY scene that the singer-songwriter found an outlet for the feelings he sought to express. In 2017, he began home-recording songs under his own name, infusing the quaint, bare-bones aesthetic of classic indie pop with the rigor of his classical training. While these two elements of his style might seem like opposing forces on paper, in practice they form a delicate symbiosis. On early efforts like 2018’s Making Moves EP, Kolb emoted with the ease of a marathon runner’s warm-up jog, offsetting his theatrical, Morrissey-esque instincts on the mic with a muted, warbly instrumental palette.

Drag Queen DD Fuego Explains Drag to Kids and Adults With a Coloring Book

New York drag queen DD Fuego, joined Cheddar News to discuss her journey to drag, sharing the coloring book "Find Your Fuego" to explain to kids and adults alike what drag is all about, and describing the Big Apple scene. "It's incredible because you're meeting people for the first time, and you're also sharing a piece of you, and they're sharing with you back, and it's instant, and it's so intimate, but it's also art," she said. "It's theater!" In celebrating this spirit, Cheddar employee Shannon also received a "fantastic" makeover from DD Fuego.

Oumou Sangaré to Perform at the Apollo Theater in New York City

Malian world music star Oumou Sangaré is set to perform at the famous Apollo Theater in New York City on Saturday, October 29, 2022. One of West Africa’s finest vocalists, Sangaré infuses her music with traditional African percussion, distinctive vocals, and progressive social criticism, creating a unique sound that has propelled her onto the international stage.

3 Staten Island neighborhoods get an artistic makeover

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- If you noticed some bright street art on your way home from work this week, the South Shore Business Improvement District (BID) successfully did its job: Three new art installations were recently installed in some desolate or eyesore-laden sections of Eltingville, Great Kills and Annadale, with the intent of making the neighborhoods cleaner, safer and more attractive destinations for people to work, shop and live.

Metropolitan Opera comes to Times Square

TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan (PIX11) — If you’ve never seen opera live, you may be missing out on something big. Huge emotions, beautiful music and pageantry to die for. Thousands attended a free Metropolitan Opera opening night screening in Times Square. A Greek tragedy unfolded amid Times Square’s hustle, bustle, street dancing, and horn honking. It […]
Santa Fe Reporter

3 Questions with EntreFlamenco Director Antonio Granjero

Big news for flamenco master Antonio Granjero, director of the nonprofit Santa Fe dance company EntreFlamenco, who announced last week he has been nominated for a Bessie Award—also known as the NY Dance & Performance Awards—which are given to those who present their performance work in New York City. The nod comes from Granjero’s work on a production of Ni Bien Ni Mal, Todo lo Contrario from April at the Joyce Theater, and just goes to show that Santa Fe has some seriously world class stuff going on. It’s hardly shocking, though, to learn of the nomination. Granjero has been dancing since he was 6 years old, and has trained with maestros and maestras like Fernando Belmonte, Paco del Rio and Carmen Cortes, among others—and he pays it forward to this day. Given his whole teaching/performing/nomination thing, it seemed a great time to check in about the award, the dance and the company. You can also catch Granjero performing numerous times this week at EntreFlamenco shows (6:15 pm Wednesday, Sept. 28-Sunday, Oct. 2. $25-$45. El Flamenco Cabaret, 135 W Palace Ave., (505) 209-1302). This interview has been edited for space and clarity.