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How Location Could Be Your Best Move Financially

New York city - Aerial view of buildingsFernando Gonzalez. While there are financial benefits and a few drawbacks to consider, the advantages to leaving the big city may outnumber reasons to stay. The city offers many conveniences, but typically come with a cost, and there's never been a better time to making the move if considering.
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Elon Musk: The Cult of the Celebrity Savior Is Cracking

It doesn’t matter how many times we get burned, there’s just something about humans that leads us into hero worship. Whether it’s an inspirational person in your life, a fiery politician making their name trying to make a positive change, or an innovator who claims they will use their billions to save the world. You would be forgiven for choosing a hero to admire.
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The SCARIEST Halloween House in NYC

This INSANELY decorated Halloween house located in Bayside, Queens is loaded with everything from animatronics, lights, skeletons, ghouls, projects, bones, scary sounds and more! It is easily the best Halloween Themed House in NYC.

Eating INDIAN FOOD For 24 HOURS in EDISON!! Dosas, Pani Puri & Falooda | New Jersey

After years of people telling me that I needed to try the Indian food in Edison, New Jersey, I finally made it there! Come along with me as I go all-out with an epic day of eating Indian food for 24 hours in Edison, New Jersey! Edison, New Jersey holds the distinction of having the largest Indian population in the western hemisphere, so the Indian food there is legendary! My boy Dewan would be taking me around to the top restaurants in town to try as much as possible!

Aggravated Assault on Fairfield, NJ, Police Officers Leads to Two Arrests

Fairfield Police DepartmentFairfield Police Department. This morning, Fairfield Police Chief Anthony Manna announced that two arrests have been made in connection to an incident that took place in the Willowbrook Mall parking lot on Sunday night. Robert R. Piel Jr., 23, of Bayonne and Madeline Rodriguez, 25, of Jersey City, have both been charged in the case.

Morristown Man Crashes Car into Comic Shop in Scotch Plains

SATURDAY, 16 OCTOBER 2021 - At approximately 1:45 AM a silver 2011 Mazda CX7 speeds through an intersection and takes out a traffic poll before smashing into the comic shop, "Little Shop of Comics," on 387 Park Avenue in Scotch Plains. In a video, seen below, the car does not appear to hit the breaks and speeds onto the curb smashing into the building on a quiet street.

Vegan Bronx Market

Do you enjoy intimate outdoor gatherings here in NYC? Are you a fan of live music and good food? Well check out the Vegan Bronx Market because they have a ton of great energy and vibes to share on the weekend! The vendors vary from food and beverages to spiritual healing and even all natural products! It's conveniently located just 5 minutes from Yankee Stadium. Hope you enjoy! If you know of any other local places we should go to next, make sure to drop them in the comments below!

The SUMMIT | One Vanderbilt | Brand New Observation Deck Opened in New York City | Midtown Manhattan

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the SUMMIT at One Vanderbilt Tower! This brand new observation deck opened for all on October 21st, 2021. I decided to go up there and see how many people would come on its first day of business, and what this observatory has to offer to its guests. I decided that this video is going to be very simple. You are going to see what it is up there. But I won't tell you my personal opinion about this place, I won't compare this observation deck to others in NYC, and I won't tell you if you should visit it or not. Cause its all up to YOU. All I have to say: I went there, I saw everything and I'm glad that I did. Enjoy the views of the city! More information & tickets are here: <a href=""></a>

The Ultimate CHINESE STREET FOOD Tour of Flushing, Queens | NYC

With my epic exploration of New York City’s food culture in full swing, I decided to link up with some friends to explore the local Chinese food scene! Come along with me as we go on the ultimate Chinese food tour of Chinatown in Flushing, Queens, NYC! For this Chinese food adventure, I linked up with my friends Ming and Ben from The Bing Buzz. We’d be experiencing some of the best food in one of New York City’s two Chinatowns; the other one is in Manhattan! They say this one is better in terms of food!

Endless ALBANIAN FOOD TOUR of Little Italy in the Bronx, NYC!!

Of course, with a whole week to explore New York City’s diverse food scene, I had to go for some Balkan food at some point! Come with me as I go on a wild Albanian food tour of the Bronx! I started my Albanian food adventure in the Albanian corner of the Little Italy neighborhood in the Brox with my friend Nick from Bread, Salt, and Hearth. He’d be taking me around to four of his favorite spots!

NYC Daily Roundup: NYPD + FDNY unions to fight vaccine mandate, Knicks win in double OT and more news for 10/21

(NEW YORK) Welcome back to the New York City Daily Roundup! Today is Thursday, Oct. 21, and the weekend is oh so close. As we approach the weekend, know that this will be the best weather we'll have for a while, as rain is expected most days next week. Until then, however, with a high of 73 in store for Thursday, enjoy the sunny weather while it is with us.