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Comic Hoy explores how far $100 bucks will go in New York City

(NewsNation) — Comic Frankie Hoy has become a TikTok sensation with his reports on how far $100 can take him in New York City. Hoy chatted with NewsNation “Prime” anchor Natasha Zouves about is project and the audience he has grown on social media. Watch the complete...
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New York Wants to Hire a ‘Rat Czar’ (And It Pays Well)

NNew York and rats, mice and all kinds of rodents have been synonymous for years. But the municipality wants to put an end to this unpleasant relationship, and to do so, it prepares to wage war on rodents with a ridiculous job offer: if it “Driven”, “Determined” and has a “killer instinct”.Apply for the post “Director of Rat Suppression” – Whose salary varies Between 120,000 and 170,000 dollars (between 114,000 and 161,000 euros) per year.

Jumaane Williams’ NYC home entering final stages of foreclosure

Bank of America is demanding a Brooklyn judge force Public Advocate Jumaane Williams to pay up on the more than $600,000 he owes on a Brooklyn rental property, or put the property on the auction block, according to the latest filings in a years-long foreclosure battle. After years of court delays during the pandemic, the case came roaring back to life this month after Williams’ creditor filed a flurry of new motions. Williams’ multi-family Canarsie home has been in foreclosure since 2014 and Bank of America is seeking $622,545 in principal and interest payments, court papers show. A Dec. 15 hearing in...

Dominican teachers lose phone service during NYC DOE administrators probe

Bilingual teachers brought from the Dominican Republic to work in New York City schools found service on their cell phones abruptly cut off last week — adding to the anxiety they face amid an investigation of the Department of Education employees who recruited them. The disruption came without warning or explanation as city and federal agencies investigate complaints that the Dominican teachers have been exploited and threatened. “I realized it when one of the other teachers told me, ‘Check your phone to see if it’s only mine that’s running low,’” one told The Post. “I wasn’t able to make calls, I wasn’t able...

Tainted marijuana sold at unlicensed businesses in NYC: report

NEW YORK (PIX11) — Marijuana purchased at unlicensed dispensaries in New York City was tainted with E. coli, salmonella, heavy metals and pesticides, a new report released Wednesday found. The New York Medical Marijuana Cannabis Industry Association had cannabis products bought at more than 20 unlicensed dispensaries tested at a third-party lab. About 40% of […]

5 Tips For Seeing the Rockefeller Center Tree Without Huge Crowds

As many as 800,000 people visit the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree every day but there are some secrets that will let you visit without standing in a crowd. An estimated 125 million visitors flock to New York City every year to witness the most popular Christmas tree in the world. If you've ever been to Rockefeller Center during the month of December, you know just how insane the area can be.

NYC to Forcibly Hospitalize Mentally Ill Homeless

New York City authorities will begin hospitalizing homeless and vagrant people deemed to be in “psychiatric crisis,” whether or not these individuals go voluntarily, announced Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday. The “scourge of homelessness,” as Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson recently called it, has infested not only the City...

‘The joy and the magic’ of the Dyker Heights Christmas lights

DYKER HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (PIX11) — It’s considered one of the best New York City attractions during the holiday seasons. Dozens and dozens of Dyker Heights homes are decorated with larger-than-life Santas, snowmen, reindeer, nutcrackers and nativity scenes. “The lights are really cool, and there are so many, and there are bubbles everywhere,” Emily Casamento, 10, […]

This West Virginia campground is located in an abandoned coal town

BROOKLYN, WV (LOOTPRESS) – The town of Brooklyn was one of the many coal towns that were located along the river in the New River Gorge. Once known as Finlow, the town boomed under the ownership of the Scotia Coal and Coke Company. The Brooklyn Mine was established in 1897 and the town developed to include multiple homes, coke ovens, a company store, schools, and other mine company buildings.

Opinion: People are Getting Very Threadbare

Graffiti is having another NYC momentPhoto byTammy Remington. We don't really need the New York Post to keep telling us that things are getting even dicier than usual out on the streets of New York City. We're not blind. Ok, yes, we’re all pretty used to people getting loud and obnoxious — that’s just basic communication in this city — but there has been an unsettling uptick in outright feral behavior in the past year.

New York cannabis launch turning into bad trip, social justice critics claim

The launch of New York’s legal cannabis industry is turning into a bad trip — even before the first official marijuana stores have opened for business, social justice critics claim. A group advocating for the first licensed marijuana storefront sellers with prior weed convictions said Friday they’re being set up for failure. The Cannabis Social Equity Coalition said the first sellers will be required to buy cannabis products from NY hemp farmers of “questionable quality and safety,” are not being adequately trained for the market and will face a mountain of debt. Under New York’s “seed to sale” cannabis law, the...