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Strange in Indiana: Noblesville PD/FD Called to Round up 'Loose Bison'. Little Did They Know They Were Herding 'Yaks'

Noblesville Fire and Police Departments were called out to round up "bison" that were "loose" and roaming in the Noblesville suburb. They wanted to make sure motorists would use alternate routes, so they weren't impacted by the furry brown livestock animals running around in someone's yard. An hour and a half later that the fire department updated the public on social media that the animals were actually yaks, What are they doing in Indiana?

Carmel High School Students Present Hindu Culture Awareness Workshop to Smoky Row Elementary School Staff

written by Eesha Singh, Asini Jayarapu, and Arya Goel of Carmel High School. As high schoolers with a Hindu American identity, we’ve gone through years of school, and through many interesting interactions with those curious about our culture, we have made many observations. Throughout the years, it has been apparent that there’s been a steady increase in the Hindu population in Indiana, more specifically in the Carmel and Fishers school districts. Considering this growth, we thought that it would be beneficial to familiarize our teachers and community members with our heritage and who we are.

4 Amazing Steakhouses in Indiana

If you live in Indiana and you like going out with your loved ones from time to time, here is a list of four amazing steakhouses in Indiana that are well-known for serving absolutely delicious food, every day of the week.

Life On A Goat Farm: Harvesting Supplemental Fodder, Doctoring Sick Goats, & Preparing For Breeding

#NigerianDwarfGoats #Homesteading #goatfarming Fall is HERE! The harvest have begun and it's time to start utilizing fodders on the farm to take a little financial pressure off of feeding our herd in the winter. We have a sick goat who might be battling pneumonia and we have to act fast! Pneumonia in goats is NO JOKE! Follow along with us today and experience life on the farm, a goat farm specifically :)