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TikTok trend encouraging students to destroy school property has reached New Britain schools, with several incidents of vandalism

NEW BRITAIN- School officials are warning parents of a social media trend that encourages students to destroy school property and post videos online. In a letter sent to parents on Friday, Superintendent of Schools Nancy Sarra addressed concern over a growing trend on social media. According to the letter, students from the local school district have participated in the challenge seen on TikTok.
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Wallingford's Gaylord sets preview party for featured spot in PBS TV series

WALLINGFORD — Gaylord Specialty Healthcare will be featured in an upcoming television show, and is holding an exclusive preview party for the event, officials said in a release. “The Hospital of the Future” is an episode of the Public Broadcasting Service series “Travels & Traditions with Burt Wolf,” and will...
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In Year Two, Black Haven Turns Its Lens On Joy

Actor Sinque Tavares was all jitters, pacing as he waited for the news on a lease. Behind him, a squat Meriden apartment complex peeked out across an expanse of dirt and grass. Traffic passed by, humming its urban lullaby. Then the phone rang, clear as a bell. The camera did a close pan on Tavares' face. A beat dropped, and he was moving through space, his body a live wire.

Music Interview: Norwalk Symphony Orchestra Presents 'American Trailblazers'

The Norwalk Symphony Orchestra's opening concert of this season on September 25th presents American Trailblazers. The program includes familiar music by Copland, Bernstein and Barber, along with works by two remarkable women: Florence Price and Connecticut resident Gwyneth Walker. Kate Remington talks with Music Director and conductor Jonathan Yates about this opening concert, and what we can expect for the rest of the season.

New exhibits unveil common thread among matrimonies at Ridgefield museum

RIDGEFIELD — Here comes the history. Starting Sept. 30 at Keeler Tavern Museum, visitors can learn how American wedding traditions evolved through the 20th century by browsing some never-before-seen items in a new exhibit, “Tying the Knot.”. The exhibit is a complement to “Threading the Needle,” a hands-on history exhibit...
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Yale student presents a virtual exhibit on Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’

An exhibition called “Publication & Prejudice” comparing more than 20 versions of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” from Yale’s collections is currently on view virtually. Through the online exhibit, curator Emma Brodey ’21 aims to create a way for audiences to explore how the physicality of a book influences their reading experience.
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New TikTok Trend Has Students Vandalizing School Bathrooms

There's a new TikTok trend that has school officials sounding the alarm as students across the country are vandalizing their school bathrooms and posting about it on social media. The new social media challenge encourages students to steal things like fire extinguishers or soap dispensers or vandalize school property. The...

CT superintendents, officials address TikTok challenge that encourages destruction of school property

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (WTNH) — School and state officials are alerting parents of a TikTok challenge that students are taking part in, which involves damaging school property. Just two weeks after the start of the school year, New Britain Superintendent Nancy Sarra sent a letter home to families Friday, informing them of the new online challenge that encourages students to vandalize school bathrooms, classrooms, and other parts of school property.

Eerie Graphite Drawings Encase Aliens and Sci-Fi Experiments in Looming Stacked Towers

New Haven, Connecticut-based artist James Lipnickas conjures towering sci-fi structures filled with futuristic labs, clashes with aliens, and massive laser beams shooting from rooftops. Working in graphite, Lipnickas uses heavy shading to shroud his architectural renderings in mystery and unfamiliarity as tentacled creatures crack through the walls and humans become science experiments. “This series really grew out of my interest in advanced technologies integrating with humans and how it shapes us moving forward,” he says.

PRIDEFest Makes A Bright Return

Professor M, the Black Kingpin of Swagger, at PRIDEFest 2021. Lucy Gellman Photos. Professor M was living up to his name as the Black Kingpin of Swagger. Onstage, his blue and green cape shimmered beneath a blue crown in the 90-degree sun. In tents behind him, drag queens applied their makeup, half-listening to the lyrics. He turned, and his cape swished in a seafoam-tinted rainbow. He finished his rendition of “Walk Unafraid,” and held the mic at his side.