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New Challenge Filed To State Education Funding System

CONCORD — Once again the state’s education funding system faces a legal challenge. A lawsuit filed Tuesday in Grafton County Superior Court against the state by state residential and commercial property owners claims the state failed to meet the 1997 Supreme Court’s Claremont II decision declaring the use of local property taxes with varying rates to pay for the state’s obligation to provide its students with an adequate education is unconstitutional.
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The Strong Chase Weight at SNHU

MANCHESTER – In an effort to lift 720 pounds, a strongman competitor has thirty seconds to perform a deadlift. It is a one-and-done opportunity. The bar bends in a frown under the extreme pull where the athlete fights gravity. It looks as if the man’s legs will crumble underneath him, but he has trained to defy this challenge. Knees are wrapped, and a leather belt protects his back. He succeeds, dropping the bar and plates to the ground when given the pointed finger upward by the seated, mohawk-coiffed judge. The weight is raised by thirty pounds after each round, continuing until none of the competitors succeed. The stopping point was around 900 pounds. Chasing weight is the desire by the individual to continually strive to lift, push, and pull heavier and heavier weights. Some participate in the strongman challenge.

NH Secrets: Chocorua The Man, the Mountain, and the Myth – Three Centuries of ‘Fake News’ that open our minds to a set of truths

Editor’s note: This story is so riveting that Wayne King presents it as both a story and podcast. Enjoy. Is the story of “Chief” Chocorua and the Scottish immigrant family of Cornelius Campbell a retelling of a tragic historic set of events or a yarn crafted over the years? What evidence exists that helps us make a judgement about that; and what can we learn from it irrespective of the answer? Mount Chocorua is one of the most distinctive mountains in all of New Hampshire, jutting sharply into the sky above the town of Tamworth. Seen from the summits of the northern White Mountains and other more northern vantages like the Bear Notch Road between the Kancamagus Highway and Bartlett, its peak seems even more pronounced.

Roger Wood Talks Nursing Shortage Solutions With Colby Sawyer

In the midst of a serious nursing shortage in New Hampshire, one college is taking an aggressive stance to educate new nurses. That is Colby Sawyer College in New London. The college is in the midst of a $10.5 million fundraising campaign to build a 20,000+ square-foot building to serve as a hub for academic and clinical training. Associate publisher and podcast producer Roger Wood speaks to Kevin Finn, Dean and Professor of the School of Nursing & Health Sciences and Director of Clinical Partnerships about the planned expansion.

Reaction Is Forceful in N.H. To U.S. Supreme Court Overturning Abortion Rights

CONCORD – The U.S. Supreme Court’s much-anticipated decision to overturn the 1973 landmark abortion rights case of Roe V. Wade got a quick and forceful reaction from both political sides of the debate Friday while also mobilizing protesters. The decision which was expected following a leaked document...

Lawyers for YDC Abuse Victims Blast AG’s Draft Settlement Proposal As a ‘Trap’

Attorneys representing about 600 victims of child physical and sexual abuse at YDC and other juvenile facilities say the latest settlement proposal from Attorney General John Formella “furthers the state’s designs to minimize liability by setting a trap for financially insecure victims.”. “Rather than forcing victims to choose...