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Power Wheels kids set the pace for upcoming derby

In the last few years, it doesn’t seem to be a derby unless the Power Wheels kids get to start it off. Several little guys and girls excitedly enter their vehicles and are ready to “derby” when the horn blows!. As each driver enters the ring, their...
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Derby still a big show in Craig

With cars lined up, the summer demolition derby proved to be a great show on Saturday, August 13. More and more compact cars are now entering the derby, making for several heats for the community to enjoy. The first set of heats were the compact cars. Heat one included Andrew...
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Manhunt for ‘New Castle Bigfoot’ continues

~Traffic ticket fugitive Shawn Tolbert is still on the run from state and local police after being spotted in Montgomery Co.~. Shawn Tolbert, who startled locals in Craig County after engaging state and local police in a now nearly two-week manhunt across Southwest Virginia, is still reportedly at large after being spotted in Montgomery County.
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DSS supported by Craig Community

When hard times hit, sometimes it is difficult to ask for help. It is nice to know that our community of Craig County assists our local Department of Social Services in providing important staples for those who find themselves in need. “Craig County is very fortunate to have such a...

Library partners with CCCCC to encourage art

Children can be very creative and when people open doors to their talent, kids can really shine. The Craig County Library and the Craig County Child Care Center are exemplifying this belief. Michaela Crawford from the Library reached out to the CCCCC to see if they would like to do...

UCCVFD holds 2nd annual car show

There is something special about walking around vehicles that people have meticulously cleaned, feverishly waxed, and loved on. For some, it renews dreams of vehicles they once drove while for others, it sparks dreams of their own. The Upper Craig Creek Volunteer Fire Department held their 2nd Annual Car Show...

Load the Bus supplies keep coming in

As summer comes to an end, the busyness of preparing for school to start begins. The Craig County Public Schools had their school bus at Food Country on Saturday, July 23, to collect school supplies for our students in Craig County for their annual Load the Bus event. People came...

School Board shares schools’ new renovations

The Craig County School Board has been making decisions for the school’s improvements. The renovation of the auditorium has been in hopes for years. The amount of $262,410 was approved which will be replacing the seating, flooring, painting, electrical and lighting, but no technology. The renovations PO has been...
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Quotes on Kindness

The words “sympathy,” “empathy” and “compassion” are often used interchangeably, but each has a distinct meaning. Sympathy is feeling sorry that someone is going through a hard time, or sending a card to show them they’re in our thoughts. Empathy takes us a step closer to our fellow humans by allowing us to understand and share in their emotions: to flinch at a skinned knee or sniffle at a sentimental commercial. Compassion, meanwhile, is that sense of shared experience coupled with the desire to do something to help alleviate the pain. Compassion doesn’t just flinch at a child’s skinned knee; it rushes to find a SpongeBob Squarepants Band-Aid.

School Board readying for new school year

With summer almost over and the new school year just around the corner, the Craig County School Board has worked diligently through the summer to get things done. At their June meeting, music teacher Alyssa Schulke and her student Jordyn Price played and sang Wagon Wheel. Superintendent Jeanette Warwick shared,...

Perkey’s pop-up market a huge success

Few people know just how much talent is in Craig County. When the Artisan Center was open, they were able to help us see just how many crafters and artists we are blessed with. Dawn Perkey and her husband David recently purchased the old JC’s Depot building across from the...

Independence Day parade birthed in Craig

With so much violence going on in the world, we need more “times of unity.” Our Craig Valley Daughters of the American Revolution agrees and planned the first Independence Day parade for New Castle. Word was spread far and wide and there were many different entries to vie...

Spring gobbler contest starts April 9

Many “Craig Countians” savor a fresh cooked wild turkey on their table at Thanksgiving, and many more of us enjoy them anytime!. I personally like mine cooked all day in a crockpot with Italian dressing. To hold onto tradition, Star City Whitetails and Virginia Public Land Hunters and...

McCleary celebrates One School, One Book

Kids in schools all over the United States look forward to the annual One School, One Book event. In fact, over 3,000 schools participated in the recent “Read to Them” program. Students at McCleary Elementary School had smiles on their faces with laughter that rung throughout nearly every...

Wildgame Dinner donations send teens to camp

When summertime hits, the word “camp” is on many teens’ minds. The Catawba Valley Baptist Church is very active in supporting their teens and sending as many to camp as want to go, with all expenses paid. This year, the Wild Game Dinner was able to finally...

New DSS Director shooting for the stars

Change in administration always brings unknown anticipation in staff. However, it seems the new director of the Department of Social Services (DSS) in Craig has a new light in its corner. There are many issues that can bring a person to the need of assistance with professionals at the DSS.

School Board shares six-year plan and values

Schools, like families, often rely on a budget and plans to set future goals for their facilities and the needs of their students and staff. At the February School Board meeting, Superintendent Jeanette Warwick shared the six—year-plan, which was developed in 2017 and goes through 2023, will be revised.