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Rain/Freezing Rain looking likely on Thursday

A weak cold front will pass through the area a bit sooner than originally anticipated on Wednesday. As a result, we’ve had to scale back on highs. We’re now looking at high temperatures in the upper-30s to low-40s around Lincoln. It should be slightly cooler to the north and warmer to the south.
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While chillier today, tomorrow is the main event of the forecast

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Today is the quiet before the storm for much of the area. Well certainly not idea with a cold front pushing south through the area this morning, at least the weather is quiet today. Probably the biggest issue has been the low clouds cover and patchy fog in Northern Nebraska behind the cold front. While some of this has drifted southward into Central Nebraska, it should remain in the northern half of Nebraska before burning off later today. The air will be chillier today because of the cold least for most areas. Highs will range from the upper 20s north to the lower 50s southwest. For the Tri-Cities area, it’ll get close to 40° this afternoon. While winds won’t get terribly strong, they might get a touch breezy at 10 to 15 mph. They’ll become northerly, then northeasterly after the front passes through. Much bigger weather concerns will come later tonight.
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Soil in midwestern US is eroding 10 to 1,000 times faster than it forms, study finds

In a discovery that has repercussions for everything from domestic agricultural policy to global food security and the plans to mitigate climate change, researchers at the University of Massachusetts recently announced that the rate of soil erosion in the Midwestern US is 10 to 1,000 times greater than pre-agricultural erosion rates. These newly discovered pre-agricultural rates, which reflect the rate at which soils form, are orders of magnitude lower than the upper allowable limit of erosion set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
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Why is soybean gall midge so hard to control?

A new pest to the midwest, soybean gall midge has proven difficult to manage for farmers. First noticed in 2011 and officially identified and named in 2019, the soybean gall midge has spread through 155 counties in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Thanks to overlapping generations and the...

Learn to cut costs, increase performance at beef conference

For 38 years, the 3-State Beef Conference has provided beef cattle producers in Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska an annual update on current and critical cow-calf and stocker topics affecting producers in the three-state area. This year, the program will focus on the seemingly little things that can make a big...

CVS Health Rolls Out Time-Delay Safes to Deter Theft

CVS Health has installed time-delay safes in 30 Nebraska pharmacy locations, nine of which are in Lincoln. The safes have been introduced as a measure to deter thefts of controlled substances, such as opioids. The safes will only open following an electronically-forced delay. The time-delay functions cannot be overriden and...

DHHS to issue school lunch benefits due to pandemic losses

LINCOLN, Neb. — The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services will begin issuing summer Pandemic Electronic Transfer Benefits (P-EBT). The benefits will be issued to households with school-aged children eligible for free or reduced-price school meals who temporarily lost access to these meals due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gov. Ricketts' Pearl Harbor Day statement

LINCOLN, Neb.-Governor Pete Ricketts issued the following statement for National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, which is observed on December 7, 2022. “Eighty-one years ago, Americans united in response to Imperial Japan’s surprise attack at our naval station in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii,” said Gov. Ricketts. “Motivated by the attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans of all backgrounds came together to defend our homeland and the freedoms we hold dear. Those who died serving our country on December 7, 1941, will never be forgotten.”

Neb. foundation gets $6M in ARPA funds for crime prevention

OMAHA — The nonprofit Simple Foundation of Omaha has been awarded a $6 million American Rescue Plan Act grant for crime prevention and related internships, the Nebraska Department of Economic Development announced Wednesday. The funds come from the $335 million Economic Recovery Act passed earlier this year by the...

LENRD offering incentives to clean drink water for well owners

The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District is providing homeowners with wells an opportunity to remove harmful contaminants from water by installing a reverse osmosis system. The system removes nitrates and other contaminants from the drinking water, ensuring that the quality of the water meets local health standards. Over $1.2 million...

Former OTC Employee Convicted Of Civil Rights Violation

A former employee at the Oriental Trading Co. has been sentenced to prison for leaving a noose on a floor scrubber that a Black colleague was set to use. The Nebraska U.S. Attorney’s office said 66-year-old Bruce Quinn was sentenced Friday to four months in prison and one year of supervised release for leaving the noose for his coworker to find. He pleaded guilty in September to a federal civil rights violation. Prosecutors said a 63-year-old Black man who worked for Oriental Trading found the noose made out of orange twine sitting on the seat of the equipment in June 2020. He told investigators that he was scared by the noose and viewed as a death threat.

Summer P-EBT benefits being distributed this week

LINCOLN - The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services will release summer P-EBT benefits this week. In an announcement Wednesday, the benefits will be issued to Nebraska households with school-age children eligible for free or reduced-price school meals during the 2022-23’ school year. Those who temporarily lost access to meals at school due to the COVID-19 public health emergency and to children under the age of six who received Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits during the 2022 summer period of May 31st through August 13th.