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EA’s CEO Says There Is A Place For In-Game Advertisements ‘If Done Right’

The fear of unskippable ads in menus or gameplay has led to a lot of concern over recent reports that Microsoft and other gaming companies are searching out ways to implement advertisements into some of their games. Those fears were only increased when Electronic Arts CEO, Andrew Wilson, said in a recent earnings call that he feels in-game advertisements can have a place in gaming “if done right.”
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Is 'NBA 2K22' Cross Platform? Here's What We Know

Professional basketball players are currently playing for glory in the NBA playoffs. For the rest of us, there's NBA 2K22. The latest entry to the long-running basketball video game franchise was released back in September 2021 to let gamers live out their basketball fantasies. Like any good sports game, NBA titles typically have an online component that allows people to play wirelessly with their friends. But does NBA 2K22 allow for cross-platform gameplay?
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WNBA in 2K: An Overview of Game History in NBA 2K

The WNBA has history in NBA 2K and TGH takes a moment to highlight its growth over the years. Since the original NBA 2K, the series has long been known as the top basketball simulation game on the market. With a rise recognized by the NBA, the WNBA was finally included in the game in 2020. Though NBA Live 18 first featured WNBA teams/players, the feedback from both fans of the WNBA and NBA 2K community has been positive as the options to use WNBA teams/players have grown over the past three years.

WWE 2K22 Game Pass: is the game coming to Xbox Game Pass?

WWE 2K22 is another instalment in the legendary wrestling franchise. You’ll be getting grabby and sweaty with your favourite names in no time. Does anyone remember the time the Undertaker threw that guy off a cage? Wild. You could probably replicate that in the new game, but with fancier graphics.

LION BABE & Busta Rhymes Connect For “Harder” Single

Congrats to LION BABE, who surprised their fans with the announcement of their first child. “Being pregnant allowed me to reflect on appreciating the life I have lived, and it gave me a whole new perspective on how I want to move through the world,” Jillian Hervey said. “I knew I needed to make sure I did my best to create a calm, loving environment for my baby to grow.”