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New HUD Rule Could Soon Make Housing More Fair And Accessible In The East Bay

Residents in Concord could soon see the city receive a mandate to offer sustainable affordable housing options for those in need, specifically from marginalized groups like black Americans. That’s because of a new Department of Housing and Urban Development rule proposed January nineteenth, which is intended to enforce the under-enforced and oft-ignored Fair Housing Act of 1968.
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California World Guitar Show 2023

I never went to a guitar show before and was very impressed with this show. They had all sorts of cool guitars to look at and demo if you wanted to. I'm currently not a good enough player to do that. They had very rare Fender Stratocasters and Les Paul guitars everywhere. All Amigo shows are international buy-sell-trade events, where you as an attendee may bring all the musical instruments or related items you can carry to sell, trade, or have appraised. By getting bids from several exhibitors, you can quickly establish the market value of your item, and proceed to sell or trade with confidence. Show hours are always 10 am to 5 pm, except the California shows, which close at 5 pm on Saturday, and 4 pm on Sunday.

Rowland Freedom Center - Part 2

I never knew this museum was here, and It was well worth the trip to come to see it. It was great talking to Doug about the museum and his flying stories. They have some great airplanes on display as well as some old military vehicles. From their website: Among the current exhibits on display is a replica of General George S. Patton’s briefing room, an authentic Willy’s Jeep from 1944, a replica of General Erwin Rommel’s W31 Command Car used in the 1951 movie “The Desert Fox,” the remains of a B25 that crashed near Lake Berryessa in 1954, a replica of a Japanese Zero created for the 1970 film “Tora! Tora! Tora!,” a 1935 Kinner Playboy plane, a 1937 Ryan STA that was displayed at the Nut Tree Restaurant for many years and a tractor biplane constructed by teen brothers Willy and Arthur Gonzales in 1912. Built-in San Francisco, it is considered one of the first planes to be successfully flown in the Bay Area.

This is the most Instagrammable Coffee Shop In Walnut Creek

I’m going to have to forego the formalities for this article. I’ll just say it – I love Tellus Coffee on N. Main in Walnut Creek. It has given me a place to gather with friends and be social with new people, but I’m also a coffee obsessive. Whether I want a pour over, cold brew, bone dry cappuccino, or one of their speciality drinks (which for the holidays came with giant toasted marshmallows and a dark chocolate crumble rim), I am never disappointed. For ambiance and quality of coffee, there is nothing in the Diablo area quite like it. That’s why it won Diablo Mag’s “Best Coffeehouse of 2022.”

“I was obsessing over the lips.” Mother and daughter bakers whip up a Han “Pan” Solo made of nothing but bread

I’ve never been much of a cook. Cooking involves creativity and vision, patience with experimentation, and a lot of guesswork before you perfect your meal. Baking, on the other hand, is more of an exact science. I’ve always been a fan of following another person’s already perfected recipe than trying to wing it on my own and usually be disappointed.