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XLB Dumplings Discovery | Plus Coffee + Desserts | Walnut Creek, CA

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Today I want to explore a cute town that I don't go often - Walnut Creek. It has such an adorable downtown shopping area with all kinds of shops and dining. I can literally spend all day there and not be done yet! To my delight, I discovered some REALLY GOOD XLB (Xiaolongbao) and Dumplings here. There are also enough coffee shops to fuel me for the rest of the afternoon. #bayareafood #sanfranciscobayarea #bayareafoodie #xlb #dumplings #hiddengems #captionedvideo #nespresso #cocola #walnutcreek #bayareaeats Nespresso Boutique 1228 Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek, CA Anthroplogie 1149 S Main Street, Walnut Creek, CA Dumpling Hour 1389 N Main Street, Walnut Creek, CA Cocola Cafe 126 Broadway Ln, Walnut Creek, CA Luxllenium is a lifestyle blog + shop, celebrating the beauty and joy of everyday life. Please visit us often at <a href=""></a>

Where to find free vaccination and testing on Tuesday, a special meeting for ALCO redistricting and more

(Ellen Minkin / Newsbreak) Alameda County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday. The Alameda County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on redistricting the county's supervisor districts. The public meeting starts at 6 p.m. and any resident can follow the directions here to participate. Additional redistricting questions can be answered here.
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Simmer Down, East Coast, We Have Foliage Too

It's Autumn, and that means we're fast approaching the season when smug East Coasters start to post photos of their resplendent Fall foliage--in dramatic shades of crimson and yellow--and made snide comments about how California doesn't have seasons, or that our trees are boring and green all year round.

The WWII Memorial honoring women and African-Americans that you may not know about

(Justin Sullivan / Getty Images) Sitting along the Bay in Richmond, California is a memorial to the roughly six million women who kept America's production booming during World War II. As millions of men were called to serve on the Eastern and Western fronts, America's production goals — both in terms of industrial and agricultural production — were much harder to meet.

Help Local Kitchens In Lafayette Donate To a Local Preschool

On October 15-16, Local Kitchens in Lafayette is partnering with a local preschool and donating 15% of their proceeds. I share my top picks from Local Kitchens for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To get tasty meals from Local Kitchens and help promote the school, enter GANILAN15 on the local kitchens website when you check out.

Philz Coffee in Lafayette is a trendy, neighborhood hangout

When I first moved to the Bay Area in 2013, the far East Bay was considered a sleepier, less-trendy place than Berkeley and Oakland, and certainly less than downtown San Francisco. Over the last near-decade, though, that has changed dramatically. Lots of San Franciscans have moved into the Lamorinda area--and more people are living here and working remotely now--and with them has come trendy food brands usually found only in tech-heavy Silicon Valley or in the city itself.