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Police looking for Boise River bridge jumper who injured rafters

BOISE, Idaho (CBS2) — A man and a child were taken to the hospital over the weekend after someone did a backflip off a bridge over the Boise River and landed on a raft, injuring the two. Boise Police says the incident went down near the Baybrook Bridge. A...
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Colonoscopies now recommended to age groups 45-49

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Growing older, coloscopies are something many people look forward to, but not with excitement. And generally, it's not something people have had to deal with till their 50s, but now people in their mid-40s are being recommended for the procedure. 45 is now the new 50...

Idaho School Districts Wants American Flag in Every Classroom

A local Idaho school district will consider a proposal to allow the American and state flags to be displayed in every classroom. For most Americans who are baby boomers or Generation Xers, American Flags were displayed prominently in their classrooms. American children used to start their day by saying the Pledge of Allegiance, but many districts across the state and country haven't required students to recite the pledge.

Large NW Boise apartment project gets the green light, but not without a red light

Several hundred apartment units off of State Street got a thumbs up from the Boise Planning and Zoning Commission, but not without stipulations. ​Matlock Village Apartments is a proposed 224-unit complex at 9474 W State Street, where State Street and Duncan Lane intersect. The project received a good deal of pushback from the ​​North West Neighborhood Association of Boise. However, the development was approved with several conditions, including extending Ulmer Lane and adding a streetlight at the Ulmer Lane and State Street intersection.

Two hospitalized after bridge jumper lands on raft in Boise River

Originally published Aug. 6 on KTVB.COM. As an engine with the Boise Fire Department patrolled from the bank of the Boise River on Saturday afternoon, its crew was forced into action after a bridge jumper landed on a raft full of people in the water. The jumper backflipped off the Baybrook Bridge, according to a Boise Police Department spokesperson. ...

Boise Water Lantern Festival Just Weeks Away

Thousands of family, friends, and strangers gather each year to celebrate life bringing together individuals from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. It's a pretty beautiful sight seeing thousands of lanterns lights reflecting upon the water in Julia Davis Park and being a part of a collective experience. According...

That Time Olivia Newton-John Performed In The Boise Area

Olivia Newton-John was a one-of-a-kind. The world fell in love with her as a young Australian country music singer or later, watching her in Grease with John Travolta. She continued to be relevant throughout the 70s and 80s with her music. Until recently, she had terrible luck in love, and we were all heartbroken when we heard about her breast cancer. For years after her diagnosis, she continued to perform. She would take long breaks between tours or Las Vegas residencies to focus on her health.

Dog days: High prices, shortages hit pets and owners in Idaho and elsewhere

Even dogs and cats are feeling the pinch of inflation and supply chain troubles with higher prices and shortages of pet food as well as some key medications. Inflationary troubles are affecting animal rescues and shelters, with some seeing increases in orphaned animals — especially cats — and others wrestling with medication and special diet food shortages. Higher pet food prices and shortages are also prompting more dog and cat...

Handmade jewelry store opens second location in Downtown Boise

BoiseDev first told readers about Fluff Hardware on International Women’s Day last spring – when it was making and selling jewelry to benefit local non-profits supporting women and girls. The locally owned jewelry store now has a second and much larger (2300 square feet versus 500 square feet)...