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Sleepy Hallow Involved in Restaurant Brawl – Watch

Sleepy Hallow and his entourage were in a wild brawl last week and it was caught on video. In a video that was posted on NYStateOfMind’s Reddit message board, Sleepy Hallow and his crew are arguing with workers at 1st RND restaurant at American Dream, a retail and entertainment complex, in East Rutherford, N.J. Several people are holding Sleepy back as he throws something at one of the employees. When the worker throws a chair back at him, that is when the Brooklyn rapper charges at the man and engaged in serious fisticuffs off camera.
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Giant Yard Games, Pool Deck Furniture Coming to Grand Rapids Pools in Pilot Program

Ready for even more fun while you're cooling off this summer at Grand Rapids' City Pools?. The City of Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department announced they're launching a pilot program in which large scale yard games, including Giant Connect 4, Giant Jenga, Giant Dominoes, and Giant Checkers/Tic-Tac-Toe, and new pool deck furniture will be temporarily available at the City's three pools.
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Brandy Tells Ray J He Was ‘Caught Red Handed’ After Struggling Through Verzuz Performance

Ray J is still getting teased for his struggling Verzuz performance this week. But Brandy appears to know why her brother had some vocal issues. On Friday (June 24), Brandy slid in the comment section of a video Ray J shared of comedian Mr. Commodore poking fun at the R&B singer’s Verzuz performance. Apparently, Ray J didn’t drink her special tea that would have helped his throat so he could sing better.

Canada And Denmark’s Whiskey War Is 50 Years Old And Finally Over

When people think of Canada and Denmark, war is not a word that comes up but for nearly 50 years the two countries have been involved in a land dispute called the Whiskey War. Canada has been great neighbors to us Michiganders. I have been to the country several times and all the people I came in contact with were very nice people.

Are Splash Pads A Waste of Fresh Water and Local Tax Dollars?

Splash pads are fun and a great way for kids to cool down. That being said, are splash pads a waste of fresh water and our local tax dollars?. I know that splash pads are a blast for kids. I have even taken my son to a couple before and he loved the experience. When I say a couple, it was two times and he's nine years old.

WTH? West Michigan Mobile Homes Are Going For $225k!

They keep saying the real estate bubble is about to pop? Here's proof that we're not there yet. Let's take a look inside this trailer!. A West Michigan Mobile Home Has An Asking Price of $225,000. Yes, you can own this 1200 square foot mobile home sitting on an acre...

Babyface Ray’s 2022 XXL Freshman Freestyle

The Detroit rap scene's artists have made a hefty amount of noise over the last few years. Though Babyface Ray's entire brand is built off being stilly, his movement has been one of the loudest. By laying the groundwork and building a sizable catalog, his status in hip-hop has been consistently going in an upwards direction. That’s why he recently earned his spot in the 2022 XXL Freshman Class. The Midwest rhymer puts his skills to the test in his Freshman freestyle, where he rhymes off-the-top for close to two minutes.

Whitmer: Abortion Is Still Legal In Michigan, For Now

The United States Supreme Court has overturned Roe versus Wade, the landmark case that protected a woman's right to choose, and Michigan's Governor has released a statement on what that means for Michigan's women. Is Abortion Now Illegal In Michigan?. In Michigan, there is a law that was passed in...

Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

In a landmark decision on Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court is overturning Roe v. Wade, the decades-old ruling which legalized abortion nationwide. The decision came while the high court was considering a case out of Mississippi where the state attempted to ban abortion after 15 weeks. Conservative Justice Samuel Alito...

Grand Rapids To Get Screen Time In New Documentary

'The Day The Music Died' is all about Don McLean's 1971 song 'American Pie', so I guess you know where this is going. From Adam Herz, the screenwriter for the movie 'American Pie' which was about his high school days in East Grand Rapids, to Rob Bliss' famed 'lip dub' video done to a live version of the Don McLean classic, GR seems to be forever attached to the song about levees and Chevys.

Ray J Struggles to Hit Notes on His Own Song During Verzuz Hits Battle, Says It Was Because He Was Holding His Son

The latest Verzuz battle between Omarion and Mario went down last night (June 23), but Ray J stole the show for the wrong reasons. The hits contest between the millennial R&B stars took place live from Los Angeles. In a twist, the main event featured a preshow battle between Ray J and Bobby V vs. Pleasure P and Sammie. Things went a little left when Ray J performed his 2005 hit "One Wish." In video of the show, Ray is seen struggling to belt out the notes of the slow R&B ballad while he holds his son.

Is this New Horror Movie Dissing Detroit?

Everyone in Michigan knows that while Detroit is a city of full of future change and promise, people love to underestimate this city and it's great people. To the point that people love to find and highlight negative stereotypes about the city an unfair amount. So when I heard that...

Chris Brown, Lupe Fiasco, Cochise and More – New Hip-Hop Projects This Week

Summer is officially here, so that means hip-hop is ready to ramp up with new music releases. This time, one of the most talented artists across multiple genres drops a project that many have been keeping their eyes on, and a masterful wordsmith from Chicago puts out his first LP in four years. Also, a Florida rhymer unleashes his sophomore album just as he's been announced as a 2022 XXL Freshman and much more.