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Woman Claims She has Proof that Bigfoot has Returned to Central Ohio

Is it the return of Bigfoot to Mohican, Ohio? This witness thinks so. Mohican Township, Ohio is near Mansfield, nearly smack dab in between Cleveland and Columbus. This is a heavily wooded area of North Central Ohio that has tons of wildlife and camping areas (Editor's Note: The accompanying image for this story comes from Gilliom-Cherp Nature Park near Mansfield). Suzanne Ferencak is no stranger to Bigfoot as she claims to have spotted the mysterious creature cross the street in nearby Loudonville, Ohio back in 2013 according to the Mansfield News Journal,
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Get a Sneak Peek at the New Arcade Coming to Boonville

Boonville, Indiana will soon be home to a new arcade that the whole family can enjoy!. When it comes to things for kids to do in the town of Boonville, there are a few options. Most of these options are seasonal. For example, you have City Lake, Splash Park, and Richard's Pool in the summer. However, one Boonville family has taken it upon themself to help give kids one more option to keep them entertained in the town throughout the year.

Evansville’s Willard Library Shares Eerie Ghost Cam Footage

The search for the Grey Lady is still alive and well at Willard Library, and they recently shared a video of some pretty convincing evidence!. If you're familiar with haunted Evansville history, there's no doubt you have at least heard of the Grey Lady. The Grey Lady is said to haunt Willard Library off Evansville's First Avenue. If you've ever been to Willard Library you know what a truly beautiful Victorian Gothic-style building the library is, it opened in 1885.

Where Are The Free Public Wifi Zones Across Evansville?

These days you pretty much need internet access to do anything, so it's important that free public wifi zones are popping up across Evansville. For many of us, we use the internet every day. It's where we connect with our friends and family, it's where we get the news, and it's where we find information. Many students rely on the internet to access assignments and homework. In this day and age access to the internet has become a necessity.

HBO Max and Discovery+ Will Merge Into One Streaming Service

When Discovery acquired Warner Bros from AT&T to become the new media entity known as Warner Bros. Discovery, the purchase included the HBO Max streaming service. But Discovery already had its own streaming service, Discovery+. Which meant now that the new company exists, they are essentially competing with themselves for potential subscribers, who might only have a certain amount of dollars each month to spend on streaming.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Passes ‘Titanic’ on the All-Time Box Office List

Top Gun: Maverick is still flying high, more than two full months after its release. Last weekend, Top Gun: Maverick grossed another $7.0 million in U.S. theaters. That’s a drop of just 16.4 percent from the week before, in an era when most big movies routinely drop 50 to 70 percent every single weekend until they just vanish from theaters. Instead, the long-awaited Top Gun sequel keeps making money week after week after week.

Kentucky Woman’s HISS-terical Rescue Kitty Post Has Everyone Cracking Up [PHOTOS]

A Kentucky woman has everyone laughing out loud after she posted the cutest story about rescuing a kitty and how she was going to explain it to her husband. WE'RE DYING!. It's inevitable if you love animals you will totally get this story. Sam Ray, from Owensboro, is the epitome of an animal lover. She doesn't just love the cute and cuddly ones she loves the ones that could snatch your face off if they wanted to.

Kentucky Woman Unknowingly Captures Photo of Ghost Figure Standing in Window of Abandoned Farmhouse

Imagine you're taking a peaceful drive in the country and you see an abandoned farmhouse in a valley and feel the need to get out of the car to take photos of it. So, you walk around the property and begin to take photos of the beautifully eerie and spooky structure. Then, you get back in your car to continue your relaxing and scenic drive through the countryside of Kentucky.

Five Unusual & Useful Ways To Use Those Silica Packets [VIDEO]

Stop! Before you throw that little tiny silica packet in the trash can it may be more useful thank you think. Here are five ways to use them in your daily life. Silica SUCKS! No really, it is a drying agent that is used to keep water or moisture out of different items including food, clothing, electronics, and more. I have seen it most in a beef jerky packet when I used to get beef jerky and never understood why they put them in there.