Musselshell County, MT

Commissioners July 29, 2022 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 by Commissioner Goffena. Commissioner Turley and Clerk and Recorder Tomassi were present. Maintenance Supervisor Jett gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. Ms. Jett gave the Commissioners a bid from Pronto Builders for repair of the ceiling at the County Agents building. Ms. Jett discussed the sprinkler system near the monument and that in September the landscape should be completed. Tru-Green company will be at the courthouse today to spray the lawn. The front steps will be resealed today at the courthouse.
Picture for Commissioners July 29, 2022 Minutes

Commissioners August 5, 2022 Agenda

3:00 Public Comment on any public matter within the jurisdiction of the Commissioners that is NOT on the agenda. All business and Resolutions approved and voted on by the Commission. FAA Form 5100-110, Request for FAA Approval of Agreement for Transfer of Entitlements, 2022 Roundup to Three Forks. FAA Form...
Picture for Commissioners August 5, 2022 Agenda
Sheridan Media

Fire Restrictions In Effect In Three Southeast Montana Counties

As the temperature continues to climb, several counties in southeast Montana are taking preventative measures to prevent a wildland fire from breaking out. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks have placed Stage 1 fire restrictions in Big Horn, Treasure and Musselshell counties. Campfires at FWP sites are in place except for...

Stage 1 fire restrictions issued in Musselshell County

ROUNDUP - The Musselshell County Fire Warden/DES and the county's Fire Council have recommended Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in order to reduce the possibility of man-cause wildfires. This means a person may not ignite or set a fire within the county protection area without an official written permit or permission...