Kyiv museums exhibit Russian artefacts with pride and a warning

A young woman takes a selfie in front of the burned-out carcass of a Russian armoured personnel carrier. A child eating an ice cream peers at the remains of a tank turret. A curious pensioner photographs the label on some mangled plane fuselage, which explains it belonged to a Russian Su-25, shot down by the Ukrainian military on 2 March.
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London’s Victoria & Albert Museum Moves Closer to Historic Bayeux Tapestry Loan

Click here to read the full article. London’s Victoria & Albert Museum has signed an agreement with the French city of Bayeux that will see them work together on scholarship surrounding the Bayeux Tapestry, a 223-foot-long work that ranks among the most important pieces of the Middle Ages. The deal, first reported by the Times of London, could put the V&A one step closer to reviving a loan agreement for the tapestry itself, which hasn’t left France in more than 950 years. In 2021, that deal was put in jeopardy when a condition report on the Bayeux Tapestry found that it...

Learning more about bird diversity: What a museum collection in Romania can tell us

Containing specimens from different locations, sometimes spanning across centuries, museum collections can teach us a lot about how some animals are built and how we can protect them. Properly labeled, preserved specimens can show us how the environment and species distribution has changed over extended time periods. Because in many cases these collections remain largely unexplored, a revision can reveal "treasures" that were hidden in plain sight for decades.

Black Pharaohs: Louvre Museum Explores The History of Kushite Reign In Ancient Egypt

If you are in Paris or planning to visit the City of Light this summer, the Louvre Museum is giving its visitors an opportunity to immerse in of the most amazing chapters of Ancient Black History in Africa. Named Pharaoh Of The Two Lands – The African Story of the Kings of Napata, the exhibition in the famous French museum explores the significant influence of Black Pharaohs from the Kush civilization on Egyptian civilization and history.

Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation to Send 23 Artifacts Back to Namibia

Click here to read the full article. A group of artifacts from the collection of the Ethnological Museum of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation will be brought to Namibia as the conclusion of a transnational research project. The Berlin-based organization worked with the Museums Association of Namibia to determine the history and cultural significance of some 1,400 objects. Of that lot, 23 of the most historically important pieces, including precious jewelry and pottery, will travel back to the Southwest African country for further research. In a statement, the foundation said that while this is not an official return, there are no...

The Broad Debuts Its First Takashi Murakami Solo Exhibit

Takashi Murakami is a living legend in the art world. His works are imaginative, thought-provoking, and recognized worldwide. He often uses colorful images and characters as a tool to convey significant stories and emotions. Now, The Broad is honoring his work with a solo exhibition of his own.

New research centre for Natural History Museum in Shinfield

A new research centre is set to make the Natural History Museum's collections digitally available to academics around the world. The planned £180m centre at the Thames Valley Science Park in Shinfield, Berkshire, is a collaboration with the University of Reading. It is hoped the museum's assets will help...