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Tom Stoltman Harnessed Autism and Family to Become World’s Strongest Man

Scotland’s Tom Stoltman repeated last year’s success to be crowned World’s Strongest Man for the second year running, but while this giant certainly has the world at his feet, many will be surprised to learn that the 6-feet-8-inch, 385-pound warrior has faced mental challenges in addition to the obvious physical ones. In an exclusive interview with M&F, Stoltman bravely shares his origins in the sport, family bonds, his experiences of autism, coping strategies, and offers valuable advice for anyone that needs to hear it.
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Travis Claytor Shares Why the Wounded Warrior Games Are Far More Than a Competition

Active members and veterans of the United States Armed Forces are willing to pay whatever cost, including the ultimate one, in defense of their country and the people that live in it. Unfortunately, this means that many of them suffer injuries or setbacks that could potentially alter the course of their lives going forward; and when that happens, the military branches offer several ways to help those members move forward in whatever way they see fit. One major program that has benefitted many people has been the Wounded Warrior Games, which was established by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) in 2010. It is organized by the US Army Training and Doctrine Command. Travis Claytor is the director of communications for the Games.
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Kill Cliff Aims to Submit the Competition With New Championship-Caliber MMA Squad

Kill Cliff, the official energy drink of the World Champion Atlanta Braves announced today that it has picked up the renowned club, Sanford MMA to form its own squad. The club dates back to 2017, when it was originally known as “Combat Club.” It was later renamed “Hard Knocks 365” and was again rebranded to “Sanford MMA” in 2019. Now known as “Kill Cliff Fight Club,” an enviable roster comprises more than 80 professional fighters including current and former UFC, Bellator, and ONE title holder’s. In acquiring Sanford MMA, the fight club is now the official home of icons such as Robbie Lawler, Gilbert Burns, Aung La Nsang, Logan Storley and many others.

These 4 Exercises Will Add Plenty of Heft to Your Hamstrings

Let’s face it, your quads and glutes get a lot of love in the gym, but your hamstrings? Sadly, probably not so much. When you’re flexing in the mirror (and you know you are), how often do you admire your hamstrings? If you don’t notice then visually, there’s a good chance as well you don’t include hamstring exercises to your training as often as you should, which can lead to weak or underdeveloped hamstrings. So, there’s a strong chance you’re not maxing out your strength potential with your lower-body training.

Ken Falke Explains How Fitness Can Help Promote Post-Traumatic Growth

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has become a common phrase, and many people have a direct or indirect connection to it. Whether it’s a veteran or abuse victim that suffers from directly, or it’s a family member that you know, the effects can be life altering. While the initials and symptoms that are associated with PTSD are well-known, the other side of that coin should be discussed more because that conversation can change lives for the better.

Meal Prep Like a Pro with Chef and Trainer Joshua Bailey

With more than 14 million “meal prep” hashtags on Instagram, you’ve most likely seen your fair share of images featuring rows of food-filled containers, lined up perfectly on the kitchen counter, followed by an abundance of meal prep tips and food prep-related hashtags, and with a swipe of a finger, a chiseled physique to match!

Build Upper-body Strength with This Burn Boot Camp Workout

Devan and Morgan Kline recently marked Burn Boot Camp’s 10th anniversary. With around 400 franchises in the United States, the couple wanted to celebrate by providing the Muscle & Fitness family with an exclusive online upper body strength workout. “We’re just gonna give you a little sample of our bootcamp heaven!” says Devan.

Chill While You Drill With These 4 Vacation Workouts

Summer is here in full swing, and people are hitting the road to get away from it all. But there is one unfortunate thing about this. You cannot bring the gym with you and before you ask, yes, the gym will miss you. But it’s not all bad because taking time off from the gym and the barbell allows you to recover and reveal your true strength. But if you’re the type of person who loves to train then you can still get your workout in with these 4 vacation workout routines that will still give you huge health and calorie-burning benefits.

Weight-loss Specialist Angela Fitch Shares Her Best Tips To Lose Weight

Summer is officially upon us and thoughts are quickly turning to ‘out of office’ replies and lazy days in the sun, but if you’ve failed to get that summer-ready body that you’d hoped to achieve this year, just like in previous years, then you are certainly not alone. Losing weight is one of the toughest challenges that we humans face, but understanding the reasons why we fail and building a strategy for success is the way forward.

Swimming has Helped Eddie Hall Stay Laps Ahead of His Competition

Eddie Hall has dropped somewhere in the region of 100 pounds of bodyweight since winning the World’s Strongest Man in 2017, but “The Beast” loves to pump iron just as much as he ever did. In an exclusive interview with the man who once broke the deadlift world record at 1,019 pounds (462 kilograms), the 34-year-old from Staffordshire, England, opened up to Muscle & Fitness on a wide range of topics. Speaking at the MyProtein LABS Live fitness expo in London, Hall reflected on the incredible requirements that strongmen have for calories, and discussed the ways in which he now keeps his weight down. “The Beast,” who also won medals in his early teens in freestyle swimming competitions in 50, 100, 400 and 1,500 meters In the U.K. shared how the sport made an important impact on his overall fitness.

Trina Clayeux Explains the Connection Between Physical and Mental Health

One of the many reasons that people get into fitness and training is because they’re trying to work through something. Whether it’s something from the past that is haunting them, overcoming self-esteem issues, or using the weights as therapy, physical health has been an outlet to help people with mental health for decades. Whether it was obvious or subconscious, the effort that goes into the workouts is doing as much for the brain as it is for the muscles.

The Biggest Arm Wrestling Match in History Is About to Go Down

Devon Larratt is considered the most famous arm wrestler in the world. The 6’5” 283-pound Canadian is a multiple-time WAL (World Arm Wrestling League) heavyweight champion using both his right and left hand and holds an impressive reputation of beating men bigger than himself at the table such as World’s Strongest Man Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson “the Mountain” amongt others.

How Jordynne Grace Makes an IMPACT! in Pro Wrestling and Powerlifting

Jordynne Grace is a phenomenon. The 26-year-old from Austin, TX, (real name: Patricia Parker) has become a dual-sport superstar, winning titles in both professional wrestling and powerlifting. As one of the most recognizable stars currently running the ropes in IMPACT! Wrestling airing on AXS TV, “Thick Mama Pump” sat down with Muscle & Fitness to talk about her grappling origins, her love of lifting and that historic championship challenge coming up at the twentieth annual Slammiversary pay-per-view.

Don’t Waist Your Time with These Overrated Core Exercises

Walk into any commercial gym, you’re bound to see someone doing endless crunches or situps in the pursuit of a six-pack or skinnier waist. There’s nothing wrong or bad about these types of exercises because there is no bad or good, just the right fit for you. But there are more effective ways to build core strength or the six-pack you desire than the regular overrated core exercises that you’re doing.