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Beaver to blame for wildfires in Oregon

A tree-chomping beaver is to blame for a wildfire in Oregon, authorities suspect. Firefighters on Thursday responded to a two-acre wildfire in a state park, not far from the Multnomah Falls, according to After putting down the flames, they determined the fire was sparked after a tree fell against...
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Broadway Bridge closed for drawbridge upgrade

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Broadway Bridge will be closed for 12 hours a day through Monday as crews make repairs to the lift span operating system. The current computer system used to open and close the drawbridge was installed more than 20 years ago and replacement parts aren’t available, Multnomah County officials said.

Special session will focus on Oregon political maps

Congressional and legislative districts will be reshaped for the next decade after the 2020 Census.Oregon lawmakers will meet in a special session starting Monday, Sept. 20, to consider new congressional and legislative district maps shaped largely by Democratic majorities after the 2020 Census. Lawmakers and Democratic Gov. Kate Brown have one week — until Sept. 27 — to complete approval. If they fail to adopt plans by then, Secretary of State Shemia Fagan will be in charge of legislative redistricting and a panel of retired judges named by the Oregon Supreme Court will oversee congressional redistricting. Legislative leaders say redistricting...

Maintenance closes Broadway Bridge during daytime hours this weekend

Work on the lift span operating system will close the Broadway Bridge to all traffic, including bicyclists and pedestrians during daytime hours Saturday-Monday, Sept. 18-20. Multnomah County crews will be upgrading the bridge’s old computer system and will need to open and close the bridge for extended periods 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday through Monday. The bridge will reopen to traffic each day by 6 p.m.

Rabid bats found in Portland, Beaverton

PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) - Health officials say rabid bats were found recently in Multnomah and Washington counties. The Multnomah County Health Department said Wednesday that a bat found in Northeast Portland tested positive for rabies, according to results from the Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. This is the first animal to test positive for rabies in Multnomah County since September 2014.

In the Race to Vaccinate Oregon, Micro-Clinics Are Ground Zero

On a recent sultry September afternoon at a farmer’s market in the Rockwood neighborhood of Gresham, you could buy a plastic baggie stuffed with late summer lettuce and tomatoes, dance atop the concrete parking lot to a DJ’s ear-splitting tunes and, while you were at it, get vaccinated against COVID-19.

A Rabid Bat Was Found in Northeast Portland

As if the murder hornets and the worldwide pandemic were not stomach-turning enough, now comes word from Multnomah County that a—brace yourself—rabid bat has surfaced in Northeast Portland. For those keeping track at home: This is the first time that an animal has tested positive for rabies in Multnomah County...

State progresses on rental aid, but still a metro pileup

Payments increase four-fold, but almost 15,000 metro applications are incomplete or not yet reviewed.Despite progress in the past six weeks, unreviewed and incomplete applications far outnumber already-approved payments for rental assistance in the Portland metro area as a spend-it-or-lose-it deadline nears. According to a dashboard maintained by the Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services, 7,549 of 34,521 applications statewide were approved for payment to landlords as of Sept. 16 — 21.9% — for a total of $47.7 million of $204.7 million requested. About one-third of applications have not yet undergone an initial review. But for Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas...