Louisiana Camaro Driver Does Donuts, Gets Arrested

These are the most courteous donuts we’ve ever seen…. St John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana announced recently it arrested 18-year-old Jaden Michael Jamal Edwards for “reckless driving incidents in LaPlace neighborhoods.” The video included with the announcement shows a fourth-gen Chevrolet Camaro turning some rather pathetic donuts in a residential 3-way intersection, captured by a surveillance camera in the area.
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Motorious Stories Of Fire And Water

In an ideal world, any car enthusiast would hope for perfect driving conditions with sunny skies, dry, optimal visibility, and so on, but most cars can handle a little heat, maybe a downpour or two... However, when the conditions become extreme, your beloved car tends to hold up very well. Here are some of the craziest stories of what happens when cars meet the extreme element of fire and water.
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Monte Carlo Does Burnout Into Everything

Your cars and trash cans aren’t safe around this guy!. Recently posted in a /sub on Reddit, appropriately named r/IdiotsInCars, a user shared footage from their local neighborhood watch group of an 85-87ish Chevy Monte Carlo losing control while doing a burnout and hitting, well, everything around. While burnouts are inherently easy to do (on a track, with permission), this driver was not familiar with the process of stopping, apparently. Thankfully, the only thing hurt is a few stationary objects and not someone’s kids.

Sammy Hagar Tells The Story Behind I Can’t Drive 55

Learn about the iconic rock song and music video…. If you watched MTV back in 1984, a magical time when they actually played music videos and not garbage “reality” shows, you no doubt saw Sammy Hagar flogging a black Ferrari 512 Berlinetta while singing about how he can’t drive 55. We all know the frustration of wanting to just get on the road and drive, but you have a hot car that easily gets going well past the speed limit, then before you know it a cop chases you down to hand out a ridiculous citation. When the song came out the top speed limit in the United States was 55 mph, a federal law which many felt was outdated. But the story of this song goes beyond that, as revealed by Hagar himself.

1984 Chevy Corvette Commercial Celebrates A Revolution

This certainly was a product of the times. When the C4 Corvette debuted for 1984, General Motors was understandably excited. America’s sports car had been introduced 30 years before, only to later dwindle into near irrelevance thanks to a combination of factors. That enthusiasm comes through loud and clear in this commercial for the all-new Corvette, and it’s really something.

Girls Spurred Jay Leno’s Interest In Cars

It had to start somewhere. If you’ve been wondering how Jay Leno got started with his love of cars, now you have the answer. According to the comedian and auto collector, it was the opposite sex which first spurred his interest in automotive freedom. Really, it’s no surprise, since many young guys even today buy something like a Dodge Challenger or Ford Mustang to get the attention of girls, showing some things never change.

This Farm Is Full Of Classic Mopar Muscle Cars

Everyone loves a good story about a classic muscle car found in a barn, field, garage, etc. Even more fascinating is when you hear of a guy who has a large piece of property and numerous Mopar muscle cars sitting around. For some it’s like the promise of buried treasure they could possibly uncover. For others the stories make them mad that anyone would let such a precious vehicle rot. But don’t judge too quickly, because this guy isn’t quite like that.

Junkyard Is A Graveyard Of Rotting Chevys

The classic car junk yard has got some fantastic classics. Resurrection Auto has just purchased a junkyard’s worth of classic cars. This collection is home to over 150 classic Chevy cars from 1950-1966 and trucks 1950-1988 as well as one random 1969 Corvette driver seat that sits on top of the hood of a Chevy Bel Air. The dense mass of cars is best described by the owners as “Junk, but good junk,” indeed they have found some 'good junk'.

See How The 1970 Imperial Trashes The Lincoln Continental

The following dealer film is completely not biased in any way. Back in the 1960s the Lincoln Continental was the kind of luxury car someone who had arrived would drive. Sure, it wasn’t as exciting as a muscle car, but as you’re about to learn in the film below it definitely appeals to 43 year-old men named Jeffrey who have a harem of younger women trailing behind. Rather than just lauding the Lincoln, this film compares it against the obviously superior 1970 Imperial.

Watch This Guy Make A 1967 Shelby GT500 Out Of Wood

When you’re a gearhead you’re often into all kinds of cars, from diecast models to cars made of wood. That’s what makes watching this woodworker craft a 1967 Shelby GT500, one of the most iconic classic muscle cars, so fascinating. It’s obviously a sped-up version of the work, but it sure gives you a taste of what creating a little car out of wood involves.

Former Airstrip Now Hides Huge Classic Car Collection

Classic cars, especially restomods, have gained a lot of popularity in recent years for their ability to combine classic styling with modern-day performance when restored. As such, we often wonder where these cars come from as we may want to undertake this venture ourselves one day. For the most part, a classic car can be found rotting away in some old junkyard or tucked quietly in a neighbor's yard. However, some places deal specifically with the old relics we’ve all come to know and love.

Robert Downey Jr Prefers His C2 Corvette Over His Audi R8

For years Robert Downey Jr. was the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he played playboy billionaire genius Tony Stark. On screen, when his character wasn’t donning the Iron Man suit, he was often getting from point A to point B via an Audi R8. Not surprisingly, the movie star owns several of the technologically-advanced German supercars in real life. However, he prefers driving his far simpler 1965 Chevrolet Corvette.

Monterey Car Week Expected To Attract More Than 85K Visitors

We’re fully expecting more records to be broken in 2022. In 2021, Monterey Car Week returned after a one year hiatus due to the covid pandemic. When it came back, the results from attendance and auction results broke records. Not only did it break records, it pumped tons of funds into the economy. As we look forward to the 2022 event, local officials are releasing early predictions about the No. 1 economic engine on the Monterey Peninsula.

1949 Mercury Convertible Connected To Olivia Newton-John Heads To Auction

With the recent passing of Olivia Newton-John, all eyes are on the 1949 Mercury Convertible used in the movie Grease as it heads to the auction block. With black paint, the requisite brightwork, and flames painted on all four fenders, even without its Hollywood connection this is the kind of ride that turns heads. However, its provenance and the dashboard signature from Olivia Newton-John herself helps fuel speculation that when the hammer drops, this classic American car will ride off into the sunset for $600,000 to $750,000.

Ringbrothers Share Latest Mustang Masterpiece

On the outside, this may look like little more than a mint-condition convertible Mustang with some more excellent wheels. However, a closer look into the engine bay will reveal the detailed work that went into every element of the car's design. Of course, this is a restomod which challenges the idea of old vs. new in a body that resembles both. You can thank the RingBrothers for that, as they've been making custom classic cars for quite some time. Nowadays, this Mustang could be called their golden goose as it is even crazier than anything we've seen.

What Happened To These 80's Icons?

They were celebrities in their own right... The American Television industry has been a major player in the automotive industry for decades because of their influence over their audience. One of the biggest things that gave both industries a sort of leg-up was the introduction of the Hero Car concept. Essentially, this vehicle would carry almost as much fame and status as the actors themselve, and sometimes even more. Despite this incredible fandom, many of these vehicles were never very well-taken care of. So the question that puzzles practically anyone looking to get a hold of one of those automobiles, what happened to all of them?

Semi-Truck Racing Is Seriously Hardcore

In our time we’ve seen some semi-truck racing and it’s pretty cool, however a pair of videos from 1320video really captures the excitement of the Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge and we’re hooked. If you enjoy tractor pull competitions, this is just as exciting, only you get bobtailing and loaded trucks drag racing uphill. The only thing we can think of to make for more heart-pumping action would be to have the semis bust through a wall of fire at the finish line.

Stolen Classic American Cars Made Into UK Junk Racers

On August 7, two classic American cars made an appearance at a junkyard racer circle track in the UK, getting destroyed in the rough-and-tumble competition. Then some internet detectives realized something shocking: both cars were stolen. It’s the kind of story which makes the blood run cold in every enthusiast with a classic sitting in their garage or driveway.

This Subtle and Stealth Mercedes Supercar is Selling At No Reserve On Bring A Trailer

This sports car is one of Germany’s greatest convertible performance models and now you can get behind the wheel. With just 14,000 miles on the odometer this German sports car is a great example of what amazing things can be done with a low-milage and high performance automobile. It makes sense that one of racing’s greatest brands would eventually go on to create some of the fastest modern vehicles in our times. One wonderful example of that sentiment is this incredible 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG P30 with the equipped performance package. A great powertrain combined with iconic styling and a well-built German chassis made the perfect convertible road car for any enthusiast with a taste for speed.

Tastefully Upgraded Bronco Selling At No Reserve On Bring a Trailer

This Bronco is a high-riding offroader with a ton to offer to any enthusiast with a love for rolling in the dirt. The Ford Bronco has long been regarded as the United States greatest offroader and dirt-track racer for any enthusiast with a passion for classics. Under the hood you could find some pretty good options ranging from big to small V8 engines. On top of that, the suspension systems also had a lot of aftermarket support and were easy to work on. Of course, this all combined to the perfect vehicle for Ford to brand as America’s most capable utility automobile. So what makes this particular one such a great example of how Ford was able to corner the market on offroading and SUV technology?