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Trump loses case against Omarosa, who wrote tell-all White House book

A New York arbitrator said former President Donald Trump's non-disclosure agreement against his ex-White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman is "unenforceable" in a ruling handed down on Monday. Arbitrator T. Andrew Brown said in the ruling that the terms of Trump’s non-disclosure agreement were "highly problematic" because it did not...
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Judge Tried to Send Immunocompromised Homeless Man Accused of Stealing Blankets to Rikers

Genoly Turner made his entrance into an arraignment court in Manhattan, New York, Monday morning through a door in the corner, a glimpse of the metal bars of the holding cells he had just left briefly visible behind him. Turner, 56, heard his name and case number called, then shuffled to the center of the courtroom alongside his lawyer, Amanda Jack, a public defender with the Legal Aid Society.
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“I’ll go to work until they escort me out.” | Nurse on Defying NY’s Vaccine Mandate

New York healthcare workers need to get their COVID-19 shots, or they could be out of a job. The state is preparing for a potential major exodus of staff due to the new vaccine requirements. Gov. Kathy Hochul says the mandate could put New York in a state of emergency. Officials are even considering bringing in the National Guard to help fill in the gaps if some facilities lose too many staff members.

Bronx Tenants Still Locked Out of Homes 18 Months After Fire

Tenants say they fear the property owners are waging a war of attrition, waiting the renters out until they give up, move on and forfeit the rent-regulated apartments. First came the fire that ripped through her apartment building, killed four neighbors and left her homeless in March 2020. Then came the September rainstorm that flooded the city and knocked out a wall of the basement where she was staying while she awaits repairs. Now, after 18 months in hotels, shelters and family members’ apartments, Bronx nurse Oneka Dunbar just wants to go back home with her two children.
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New York State Begins to Suspend, Fire Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers

New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced Monday that she will deploy medically trained National Guard troops to replace unvaccinated healthcare workers in the state’s hospitals. The move follows an order issued last month by the New York State Health Department, mandating all healthcare workers to get at least one COVID-19...

Unsealed Rudy Giuliani Filings Reveal Scope of Government’s Investigation — Including His Trip to Poland

Court filings unsealed on Tuesday suggest that Rudy Giuliani’s investigation by federal authorities is more expansive than previously known. Though prior reporting indicated that prosecutors had been scrutinizing the ex-New York City mayor’s dealings in Ukraine, a memo from his attorney Robert Costello suggests that investigators are also looking into a trip Giuliani took to Poland two years ago.

Rep. Danny Davis: R. Kelly Will Get a Second Chance in Chicago

Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL) thinks R. Kelly will get a second chance in Chicago after going to prison. Asked on the street about Kelly by TMZ, Davis said, “As an artist, one who’s gifted, I think he’ll be welcomed back into Chicago as a person who can be redeemed. I’m a big believer in what is called ‘second chances’... It really will all depend on him.” Davis said Kelly should use his sentence to “Try to find peace with the maker and with himself and reconcile with the universe for the acts that he may have committed.” Davis has sponsored legislation aimed at giving convicted criminals reentry pathways into society after they are released. Kelly was convicted Monday in Brooklyn federal court of running a criminal enterprise to sexually exploit young girls and boys. He faces decades in prison at his sentencing in May.

Senate Intelligence Committee Endorsed CIA Term Central to Julian Assange Kidnapping Plot

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in 2017 gave its stamp of approval to a legal maneuver that we now know the CIA was using to hunt WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. According to an explosive investigation published Sunday by Yahoo News, senior Trump administration officials — including the former president and director of the CIA — considered options to kidnap and even assassinate Assange in 2017 as part of a CIA “offensive counterintelligence” operation. In order to expand its legal options, the administration moved to designate WikiLeaks as a “non-state hostile intelligence service,” a label first unveiled by then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo at an April 2017 think tank event.

New Stats Show Just How Effective NY’s Controversial Hospital Vax Mandate Is

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul released new stats on Tuesday showing that the state’s vaccine mandate for hospital workers, which came into effect on Monday amid some protests, prompted an extraordinary number of health-care workers to finally get vaccinated. Before Monday, 84 percent of the state’s 450,000 hospital workers were vaccinated, along with 83 percent of its 145,400 nursing home workers. That left as many as 94,000 workers on the brink of being fired on Monday, prompting New York to scramble for emergency backup. But, by Tuesday, a whopping 92 percent of nursing home staff, 89 percent of adult care facilities staff, and 92 percent of hospital staff had been vaccinated, Hochul’s office said. In a statement, New York-Presbyterian said it had let go of 250 workers who chose not to comply with its mandate but more than 99 percent of employees had.

Gov. Hochul Moves To Prevent Health Care Worker Shortages After COVID Vaccine Mandate Takes Effect

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York health care facilities began the process of firing and suspending employees after New York’s first-in-the-nation vaccine mandate for health care workers took effect. This as Gov. Kathy Hochul set up a command center to monitor staff shortages at hospitals, nursing homes and long-term facilities. Mayor Bill de Blasio says the number of people still refusing to get vaccinated at the city’s public hospitals is an “evolving” situation, but knowing there are still people in the anti-vaxxer category, the city took steps to fill the expected shortfall, at least for now. “I did bring 500 nurses to Health+Hospitals...