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4 Amazing Burger Places in Pennsylvania

If you live in Pennsylvania and you love eating burgers, here is a list of four amazing burger places in Pennsylvania that are well-known for serving absolutely delicious food, made with fresh ingredients only so definitely check them out if you haven't already.
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Renowned Sports Doctor Dies

Back in 1995, then Pittsburgh Steeler and future Hall of Fame defensive back Rod Woodson suffered a tragic injury. In the first game of the 1995 season between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions, Rod Woodson tore his anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee while trying to make a tackle on Detroit Lions star running back, Barry Sanders.

August Wilson Society Announces 2023 Biennial Colloquium

PITTSBURGH, PA – The August Wilson Society (AWS), in collaboration with the August Wilson African American Cultural Center (AWAACC) and the University of Pittsburgh Library System (ULS), is pleased to announce its Biennial Colloquium: Excavating New Critical Landscapes for August Wilson Studies, March 2-4, 2023, to mark the grand opening of the August Wilson Archive at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Where to Eat in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is an American city famous for its sports teams and bridges. But what about the Pittsburgh food scene? We've asked a local expert to share his picks for the best places to eat in Pittsburgh. Read on for the inside scoop.

Ode to a Pittsburgh winter

that's definitely true. You've only just begun. Growing up in Pittsburgh, the dreary, gloomy winters can wear you down. I'd take the snow over the back and forth of it all, but as of late, the weather, is always a toss-up. Sitting, looking out my window, I couldn't help but rhyme. So, I decided to try my hand at some poetry! I hope, you enjoyed my little ditty. Do something creative, brighten up your day, with a little ingenuity. Whether you like to take a walk, listen to some music, paint a picture, dance around like a kid, sing some karaoke, do it! Give yourself a little shot of dopamine (a boost of the feel-good hormone, don't be doing any drugs!)! God knows we could use it with this, humdrum weather! But, don't worry it will probably be in the 50s tomorrow! Don't count on any sunshine though! Hey Pittsburgh, can we get some vitamin D, please!

Pittsburgh's Largest Private Employer Announces Plans to Raise Starting Salary for Employees to $18 an Hour

UPMC, one of the largest medical consortiums in the state, has announced that it will be increasing the starting salary for its employees at its Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Williamsport hospitals to $18 an hour by January 2025. This move is in response to the increasing cost of living and the need to attract and retain top talent in the industry.

Pittsburgh Police resume secondary traffic stops in spite of city ordinance against them

Do you think that police officers should have the authority to overrule a city ordinance? Pittsburgh Police officers have been instructed to resume enforcing minor traffic violations such as an expired registration sticker, despite an ordinance from 2021 preventing them from doing so in the absence of a larger infraction. A spokesperson for the department said the notice came as a result of “recent changes in state law.” However, some legal experts are questioning whether there are sufficient grounds for reversing the policy.

Pittsburgh Pirates Make Major Signing

It's not often that the Pittsburgh Pirates make major offseason acquisitions or free agency signings, but today they made a surprise signing that everyone seems to love. According to Pittsburgh Pirates beat reporter Jason Mackey, the Pittsburgh Pirates signed outfielder Andrew McCutchen to a one-year deal. ESPN reports the deal is a one-year $5 million contract.

Pennsylvania police chief killed during hours-long chase and shootout

The Allegheny Valley is currently in shambles right now. Loud sirens and chaos could be heard throughout at least four neighboring towns on the evening of January 2nd, 2023. Brackenridge, Pennsylvania is usually a calm and quiet town. But the Brackenridge Police Chief, Justin McIntire, age 46, was killed on January 2nd during a shootout with 28 year old Aaron Lamont Swan.

Pittsburgh Uncovered: Bicycle Heaven

*Please read to the end, Bicycle Heaven needs our help! Let's Pitch in to help keep this unique museum, a Pittsburgh staple. At 1800 Preble Ave, in Pittsburgh's Casey Industrial Park, lies "The world's largest bicycle museum and shop", Bicycle Heaven.

Do The Pittsburgh Pirates Have A Plan?

There is a substantial disconnect between the romanticized fairy-tale swashbucklers of Robert Louis Stephenson and J.M. Barrie and the reality of actual piracy in the colonial Americas. They didn’t say, “ARRR,” rarely buried their treasure, and usually got captured and executed. Instead of charming antiheroes, they were mostly just amoral jerks with terrible hygiene.