Tired of the Power Struggles? 5 Steps To Calmer Conversations with Your Teen

Does your home ever feel like a warzone? I know mine certainly has. Living with teenagers and their attitudes and arguments can be draining. There were times I felt like I was constantly on guard and under attack, just waiting for the next battle to erupt. I’ve made endless threats, taken away a million privileges, and sparred in countless arguments. I’ve had pity parties, retreated to my bedroom to cry, and felt guilty for not liking my kids. I’d lay awake at night wondering where in the world I had gone so wrong in raising these scrappy little warriors.
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Amazon Prime Black Friday: Fun Finds For Teen Girls

I’m so happy you’re here, I just want you to know that this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click and purchase I will be compensated for being the helpful reason you found these amazing gifts!. Black Friday is sneaking up on us and already...
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Black Friday Deals For Dad

I’m so happy you’re here, I just want you to know that this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click and purchase I will be compensated for being the helpful reason you found these amazing gifts!. The guys in our life are some of the...

Amazon Black Friday Deals: Teen Boy Edition

I’m so happy you’re here, I just want you to know that this post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click and purchase I will be compensated for being the helpful reason you found these amazing gifts!. Black Friday is almost here, or if you’re Amazon…....

10 Amazing Charities To Donate To As A Family

“It’s the hap-happiest season of allllll!” or so all the bright lights and merry music tell us! I love the holiday season for so many reasons, the decorations, the traditions, the food (definitely the food!) As we head into the holiday season, I know we are all swamped with preparations and expenses. We are focused on creating the perfect holiday for our families complete with beautifully decorated trees, delectable goodies, and that gift that we just know will light up our loved ones’ faces. It is easy during this season to be so focused on the things of Christmas that we forget the heart of Christmas: Love. Generosity. Hope.

Five Things Moms Are Doing Before Their College Kid Comes Home

I look at my calendar for the month to plan the weeks ahead. It’s filled with doctor appointments and social events, family gatherings, and deadlines for this and that. But there’s one day that is circled with my college kid’s name written in all caps. THIS is the day my baby will be coming home from college and every time I think about it, it catches my breath.

3 Steps to A Better Relationship With Your Teen

I sighed a deep and frustrated sigh. It felt like this conversation had been going in circles, and my husband was clearly not going to be getting off the merry-go-round any time soon. We had had this conversation before…. Many times, in fact, and yet we always got stuck on the same points. I’d share what I was feeling, he would jump in with his perceived solutions (as if I hadn’t already considered them!), I’d get frustrated that he wasn’t truly hearing what I was saying, and around and around we would go. “Would you please actually listen to what I am saying instead of interjecting what you think I’m going to say?” I heard myself say, my tone taking on an all-too-familiar bite. He winced, his hand running through his hair – the tell-tale sign of his own mounting tension. At that moment, I finally saw that I hadn’t been listening to him either. We both came into these discussions armed with our own ideas, emotions, and solutions, and we had been failing to give the other person any consideration. The result was both of us coming away feeling unheard, unvalued, and unsupported.

Dear Mom of a Boy Starting Puberty Here’s What Lies Ahead

To my new mom friend with a sweet sixth-grade boy,. It was so wonderful to meet you and your adorable boy the other day at the sporting event we both attended. Your son was so sweet and I loved that he let me hug him! He has the cutest freckled face and his big toothy grin creates the most darling dimples. I can tell he is kind and talkative, full of that youthful energy and unblemished happiness.

A Tangible Way To Show You Care: The Better Box

Today, I’m talking to Sarah Angle, the founder of The Better Box. The Better Box was born after experiencing mental health challenges with her ex-husband and now as a college professor. Sarah watches many of her students struggle with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. The Better Box was designed to bridge the gap between counseling and clinical intervention. It gives people something to do, touch, smell, and feel in the moment.

Dear Teen Girl, You Are Beautiful, Brave, and Strong

Whether you are in middle school or high school or college, growing up in this harsh world can be so very hard. I want you to know that I see how you try to manage it all- the stress of being you at this age. I see you at school and at the sporting events, out around town, and when you come to my own home. I see you out with a group of friends and I see you sitting in the corner of the classroom. I see you walking home from school or preparing to go to college. I see you working in various stores and studying at coffee shops. I see you everywhere because I was once a teacher, a therapist, a youth leader, and a mom of a teen girl too. But most importantly, I was once you.

Here’s Why Your Teenager is Forgetful, Impulsive, and Irrational

Have you ever looked at your kid and wondered, “What in the world were you thinking?!” Perhaps it was an ill-thought-out “adventure” that went terribly wrong, a poorly timed comment, or just a total disregard for rational thought. Whatever the case, we have all been there, staring at our teen with dumbfounded looks that these children we have worked so hard to teach and train could possibly be so… inept. But take comfort, my friend, your teen is not the only one. In fact, it has very little to do with your individual kid or the countless time you have spent trying to raise them and almost entirely to do with the fact that the adolescent brain is under major construction. It’s a lot like trying to use a Port-A-Potty. All the necessary essentials appear to be there, but the lack of actual substantial materials leaves you with a lot of strange smells, bumping into things, and treacherous balancing acts, and you walk away wishing you could bathe yourself in GermX and just forget the whole experience.

Why Your Teen Needs (And Secretly Wants!) Boundaries

When my youngest daughter became a teenager, we had a hard fast rule about what age she could begin dating. Our rule and my conviction were clear, and a firm line was drawn. As all kids do, a time came when she disagreed with this boundary we had set and the begging and pleading and protesting began. When my eldest daughter overheard her sister’s pleas, she looked over at me and said, “You aren’t going to cave in like you did with me are you?” My jaw dropped and a deep realization hit me. If you had told me a decade earlier that this statement would come out of her mouth, I wouldn’t have believed you. But there it was now. She had wanted the limits. We had struggled to set and keep clear and consistent boundaries with her, and her teen years were rife with chaos and a feeling of being wildly out of control. And here she was now, admitting she needed them and we had no idea.

How To Prepare Your Teen For Life After High School

My special guest is Josefine Borrmann is the founder of Strive To Learn, a tutoring and college prep service that provides students with 1:1 support from experts who foster accountability and teach them the skills they need to prepare for life outside of high school. In our interview today, Josefine...

Teen Girls, Before Going to Homecoming, There Are 3 Things You Should Know

I bet you are so excited to go to the High School Homecoming dance! I’m sure you have spent a ton of time picking out the perfect dress and shoes to wear and you are planning your make-up and the style of your hair. Getting all dressed up and looking pretty and taking hundreds of photos with friends or your date can make you feel so special. This is a big event and I know you want to look your very best. You will have so much fun going to the dance, whether you are with a date or a bunch of friends. I want to give you a little advice that will hopefully help you feel beautiful, be safe, and have a great time.

3 Steps To Empower Instead of Enable Your Tween or Teen

Raising Gen-Z is hard work. These kids are growing up in a culture that is wildly different from anything we experienced in our own youth. Technology, society, safety, everything is different. Some changes are for the better, and others make it very difficult for us as parents. It is so hard to know what boundaries to put in place to protect and guide our kids, or when we need to step back and let them learn on their own. I think this balance has probably always been hard on parents, but it is an even blurrier line in today’s generation. Many of us grew up in the “toughen up” era, we were sent outside to play and told to be back when the streetlights came on. For most of us, allowing our kids that level of independence in the world today wasn’t a safe or plausible option. We grew accustomed to always being there for our babies, protecting them, rescuing them, and healing their hurts. Much of this generational shift is a good thing; more involved parents, more understanding of mental health, and closer connection with our kids. These are all good. But at some point in our children’s lives, they reach an age where our over-involvement begins to teeter on the line of enabling. Enabling becomes a slippery slope that can lead our children straight into the epidemic of entitlement. And most of us are painfully aware of how difficult an entitled attitude can be to live with. We absolutely always want to be there for our kids, but we don’t want to sabotage their futures by enabling them. Instead, there are ways to empower our kids to succeed and thrive in the real world.

Mom Burnout Is Brutal – 5 Ways To Cure It

Motherhood has, by far, been the most emotionally taxing experience of my life. In raising these junior humans, I have experienced the full gamut of raw emotions; from the highest elation or overwhelming pride to the deepest sorrow that shook my core and shattered my world. Every moment of every day from the second I found out my child was coming into the world has been consumed with them. I have given up sleep, friendships, freedom, and the hope of my home ever being clean again for them.