Must See Shows before They Close in Dallas

Last month I visited several galleries and I ran into some of the usual suspects. I saw Jules Buck Jones and Conduit Gallery, Heath West and Rachel Hellmann at Galleri Urbane, and Sarah Williams at Talley Dunn. I had seen shows by them before and besides some subtle changes, they have stuck to a distinctive style or mode of art making. This compulsion to stay with much of the same type of work has many advantages. An artist can be known for a certain look or known for chasing after an idea. An artist can stick to a style to refine elements and capture just the right combinations of elements to make a great art piece. However, the disadvantage is the work becoming receptive or loses its uniqueness. I think pressure from a gallery might be a factor. A gallery might not be willing to go along with any radical changes. Then again the artist might have felt the subject or style has been completely exhausted.
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