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10 best electric toothbrushes that keep teeth healthy, bright and pearly white

A basic manual toothbrush will always beat an electric on things like price, charge and portability, however, there’s a reason dentists recommend you go electric in the morning.Quite simply, the performance of a powered brush head can’t be beaten and the rapidly moving bristles can make up for the inadequacies in technique that we all suffer from when we manually brush. They can more effectively remove debris and bacteria on the surface, in between teeth and at the gum line to leave behind clean, healthy teeth.Electric brushes can be broadly broken down into sonic and oscillating, which refers to how...
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Fastest VPN 2021

You're working from home. You're binging Netflix, you're streaming music, you're gaming -- and chances are if you're here, you're wondering which VPN can handle the tremendous amount of data going through your coaxial cable. That's where our guide to the fastest VPN comes in. We tested and reviewed the top VPN providers to find you the fastest VPN out there that won't compromise on security and reliability.
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Didi confirms China app removals, sees revenue hit

(Reuters) -China’s Didi Global Inc on Monday confirmed the country’s cyberspace administration had notified app stores to remove the ride hailing company’s 25 apps and said the move could impact its revenue in the region. Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said last week it will remove the mobile apps operated...
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The No-Code Way of Payments with Stripe: A Brief Guide

Stripe launched a new way to accept payments via Payment Links recently. It's a big deal for many use-cases. I got to know about it after trying to figure out how to support payments for offline goods and services in an Expo app using managed workflow. Yes, that's a niche use case. But Stripe's no-code way to enable payments in an app goes beyond that.

Tony Huidor Promoted to Chief Technology & Product Officer at Cinedigm

News and research before you hear about it on CNBC and others. Claim your 1-week free trial to StreetInsider Premium here. LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2021 / Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM), the leading independent streaming entertainment company super-serving enthusiast fan bases, announced today that Tony Huidor, formerly Senior Vice President of Product & Technology and General Manager of Digital Networks, has been promoted to Chief Technology & Product Officer at Cinedigm. Since joining Cinedigm in 2015, Huidor has managed the launch and daily operations of the Company's portfolio of subscription and ad-supported digital-first channels, as well as overseeing overall product development of all desktop and mobile apps for Cinedigm's portfolio of streaming services. He conceived and designed Cinedigm's proprietary Matchpoint distribution platform which has allowed the Company to effectively streamline and scale it's digital content distribution business. Huidor will report to Chris McGurk, Chairman & CEO at Cinedigm.

How to Travel Safely During Your Pandemic Summer

Welcome aboard, would-be passengers. This is your author speaking. It's a lovely day on the metaphorical tarmac. On behalf of the WIRED crew, I ask that you please direct your attention to the guidelines located beneath the introduction. This article is equipped with sections on how to enter various countries, stay safe and healthy, and prove your vaccination status. Take a minute to locate the sections most relevent to you. Please do not turn off all personal electronic devices, including smartphones and tablets, because then you won't be able to read any further.
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4 Reasons to Switch Brokerage Accounts

You don't have to stick with the same brokerage forever. Here's when it pays to make a change. Investing your money in a brokerage account is a great way to grow wealth, especially on a long-term basis. But not all brokerages are created equal, and the account you start out with doesn't necessarily have to be the account you keep open forever. Here are a few good reasons to change brokerage accounts.
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Should You (or Anyone) Buy Stablecoins?

If you're looking for cryptocurrencies without the crazy price fluctuations, stablecoins are what you need. Cryptocurrencies are known for their volatility, but there is one type of cryptocurrency that's different. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies with more stable prices. They accomplish this by tying their value to another asset, such as the U.S. dollar.

Best Instagram alternatives: where should photographers go now?

Over the past couple of years, photographers on Instagram will have noticed a drastic shift in the way it operates. A move away from photography has seen engagement for still images steadily decline as Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has looked to encourage more video-sharing on the platform. Why would Instagram...

A New Kind of Ransomware Tsunami Hits Hundreds of Companies

It was probably inevitable that the two dominant cybersecurity threats of the day— supply chain attacks and ransomware—would combine to wreak havoc. That’s precisely what happened Friday afternoon, as the notorious REvil criminal group successfully encrypted the files of hundreds of businesses in one swoop, apparently thanks to compromised IT management software. And that’s only the very beginning.

The Delta Variant's Rise, New Vaccine Tactics, and More Coronavirus News

New outbreaks worldwide, the rise of the Delta variant in the US, and additional research on vaccine efficacy. Here’s what you should know:. Want to receive this weekly roundup and other coronavirus news? Sign up here!. The Delta variant spurs new outbreaks around the world. From Indonesia to Bangladesh, South...

How to download the new PUBG APK for India right now

Popular Battle Royale game PUBG was among the slew of Chinese mobile apps that were banned in India for national security concerns last year due to the South Korean developer Krafton's ties with Tencent. Krafton quickly promised to bring an extra version of PUBG to the country without any Chinese server connections, and following an extensive phase of teasers, trailers, and betas, Battlegrounds Mobile India is now finally available on the Play Store.

Balancer Joins Polygon Summer of Decentralized Finance with $10M in Joint Crypto Token Initiatives

Balancer has joined Polygon’s summer of DeFi with $10 million in joint token incentives. Balancer Protocol has introduced support on the Layer 2 solution Polygon in order to lower gas costs. Polygon (MATIC) has experienced steady user adoption in 2021 with major decentralized finance (DeFi) initiatives such as Aave, SushiSwap, and Curve deploying there.

The 9 Best Apps for Starting a Small Business

One of the most popular online topics today is business growth, simply because you can expect more money with good business growth. However, if you are just starting out or if you have a small business, how can you make it grow?. Many small business apps can help keep you...

China's new digital yuan test shows it can be programed to confine utility

The free e-CNY will arrive with a pre-programed utility for covering fees from subway, bus tickets or shared bike services. It appears to be the first time that the Chinese government is testing the e-CNY’s programability to limit its usage to specific purposes. Chengdu is kicking off its second giveaway...

Mobile App Spend Tops $34B Worldwide In Q2 2021: App Annie

Consumers spent $34 billion worldwide in second-quarter 2021 on mobile apps -- up $7 billion year-over-year, breaking an all-time record, according to an App Annie report released this week. The company released a report this week putting TikTok in the No. 1 spot for both downloads and consumer spending in...