Moab, UT

A safe home for puppies: Underdog improves dog yards with support from local business

Local nonprofit Underdog Animal Rescue and Rehab recently upgraded its puppy area—and got a boost from the Moab community to do it. “Our challenge was creating a safe place for puppies. Litters of puppies are a little bit high maintenance,” as well as susceptible to disease, said Katy Gullette, the founder and CEO of Underdog. Underdog currently has around 116 dogs in care, half living at the ranch and half in foster homes.
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Fire restrictions lifted as monsoon season continues

An active monsoon season has led to multiple flash floods in local drainages, some infrastructure damage, and the lifting of regional fire restrictions this month as dramatic videos of waves of water flowing down Pack Creek and Mill Creek into Moab circulate on the internet. State and federal land management...
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Moab History: Ranching in Castle Valley

Tucked between the imposing profile of Porcupine Rim and some of the most dramatic rock spires in canyon country, Castle Valley is home to both remarkable geologic and human history. As is the case everywhere, the landscape has made deep impressions on the people who live in the region. One part of this long human history is the story of ranching, which was a primary lifestyle in Castle Valley for decades.

Moab Music Festival celebrates 30 years

One of Moab’s most iconic yearly events is back: The Moab Music Festival, now in its 30th year. The festival, which runs from Aug. 22 to Sept. 16, presents classical music “in concert with the landscape,” meaning most of the concerts are outside: locations include the Red Cliffs Lodge, Sorrel River Ranch, and hidden pockets in the Moab wilderness that are hiked or boated to.

County to pursue housing study

Grand County Planning and Zoning staff are moving ahead towards crafting an assured workforce housing ordinance similar to one recently passed by the city. The planned changes to the county’s land use code will create methods to increase deed-restricted housing for local residents through both requirements and incentives. The first step, which commissioners approved at their Aug. 16 meeting, is to commission a “housing nexus” study to determine current and future housing demand. Consultants BAE Urban Economics will conduct the study for a sum not to exceed $130,320.

Moab Mountain Bike Association returns with new events, programming

The Moab Mountain Bike Association is getting revitalized by Anna Sprout, a longtime Moab resident and mountain bike rider. The new era comes after a pandemic hiatus, and now, Sprout hopes the new events and programs hosted by the association will become the community’s go-to: places for mountain bikers to practice new skills and meet new friends.

Tuesday August 16, 2022

Over the weekend, a group traveled into the La Sal Mountains to observe one year passing since the murder of Moab locals Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner. A suspect has been named in that case, but the investigation is still open. As we report in today’s news, some are still looking for closure. Plus, an environmental nonprofit is offering Utahns a new perspective on the challenges facing Great Salt Lake by giving them a birds eye view of its shrinking shoreline. And, a new push to further Native storytelling in popular media.

Analyzing results from the USU Wellbeing Survey

Results front the annual Utah State University Wellbeing Survey Project don’t paint a new picture of Moab—rather, they echo what the Moab Tomorrow Together project, a future visioning project run by the city, found during its own community survey in May. Respondents reported that population growth and the...

Music with Moab as the stunning backdrop

The Moab Music Festival kicks off on August 22, and runs through September 16th! There’s nothing like hearing the talents of world-renowned musicians echoing through special spots of Moab, just ripe for the acoustics! We chat with the incredibly talented and kind trio of Time For Three. Ranaan Meyer, Nicholas “Nick” Kendall, and Charles Yang […]

Cosmo’s Corner: Back to School with Cosmo

Meow-lo everyone, it’s Cosmo the Library Cat. It’s back-to-school time here in Moab. I am a big fan of school. Yay learning! However, I know the beginning of the school year can be a challenging time, especially for children who have never gone before. Luckily, here at Grand County Public Library, we have plenty of books to get kids in the mood for school. One of my favorites is “Lena’s Shoes Are Nervous.” Lena wants to go to kindergarten, but she has to convince her anxious shoes to come along. I spend a lot of time convincing my toys not to be nervous about thunder, so I found this story incredibly relatable.

Bear Grylls’ Day Off in Moab Includes Jet Skiing and Flying Through Arches

Can you handle free time in the desert the way a survivalist would?. Bear Grylls is a lucky man, getting to live out his dream of adventuring all over the world. When filming his show Running Wild with Bear Grylls, where he takes celebrities to the wilderness to learn survival skills, Grylls and his crew sometimes get a day off to rest, recover, and explore the incredible nature of their location. One of his favorite places to take time off is Moab, Utah. From jumping out of planes and gliding through the famous Delicate Arch to Jet Skiing down a river or even just hiking amid sandstone structures, here’s what he recommends doing in Moab—or at least what he would do.

Carbon and Emery travel to Moab to face the rest of Region 12 for golf

The second golf match of the season was on Monday in Moab as the host team Grand welcomed the rest of Region 12 to the Moab Golf Course. The Carbon Dinos and the Emery Spartans were both in attendance and it was the Dinos Bode Salas who grabbed the top finish shooting a 70 and helping Carbon to second place shooting a 317. Emery shot a 362 as a team with Turner Stoker getting the low round for the Spartans with an 86.

Overdose Awareness Day Celebration

Location: Rotary Park, 608 S. Mill Creek Drive, Moab. Join the community to honor lives lost to overdose, celebrate those in recovery, and support those that need our help. Dinner will be served, stories will be shared, and a Narcan and fentanyl test strip education will be held. For questions, call USARA at 435-612-2300.

Workforce Housing Ordinance, Moab Community Childcare on This Week in Moab

It took months of negotiations, but the Moab City Council finally passed the Active Employment Household Ordinance, which guarantees a percentage of housing for the local workforce in new multi-family development. Guests Mayor Joette Langianese and City Manager Carly Castle discuss getting this ‘first of its kind’ ordinance vetted and passed. And later, Moab Community Childcare reps Rob Walker and Taylor Rutherford give listeners a rundown of the new nonprofit and its mission to improve the availability of high-quality, affordable childcare in the Moab Valley.

Applications for public art projects are now open!

Moab Arts is now accepting applications for public art projects to occur in the spring of 2023. Projects can include but are not limited to: murals, sculptures, installations, socially engaged art projects, performances, crosswalk designs, and mosaics. Artists at all levels of their careers are encouraged to apply. Proposals are due on November 1, 2022 and accepted projects must be completed by mid-June, 2023. More information can be found at or by contacting the Moab Arts staff by phone (435) 259-6272 or via email at

Friday August 12, 2022

Maybe nothing can unite a community quite like fury against a common enemy. For Moab, that enemy is known as the goathead. “This is nature at war with anything that is able to carry these little these little puncture sticker weeds,” says goathead slayer Randall Lewis. He and others are part of a grassroots community effort to control this invasive plant in common spaces. Armed with their favorite gardening tools and a passionate fury, local goathead slayers fight every season in the name of bike tubes, bare feet and dog paws. Today on the news, a profile on the battle against this formidable noxious weed.

Moab History: Exploring mountain snapshots of the La Sals

During the heat of summer, many Moabites head to the La Sal Mountains to enjoy cooler temperatures, hiking in the forest, fishing, camping, and more. The mountains have played a role in thousands of years of human history: a hospitable, verdant island in the desert. Ute people native to the Moab area traveled between the cool higher elevations of the La Sals and the hot lower elevation desert climates depending on the season. Later Euro-American settlement and the U.S. Government forcibly displaced Ute people and other Indigenous people of Utah, though Native communities today retain an enduring connection to the land, including the La Sals.

Pull goatheads, get prizes: Grand County Weed Department hosts annual “Goathead Gala”

Is there anything worse than stepping on a goathead or finding one in your bike tire?. In an effort to rid Moab of these noxious weeds, the Grand County Weed Department is again hosting a “Goathead Gala,” four events during which Moabites can bring bags of goatheads to the Community Recycle Center for a chance to win prizes. The prizes, donated by local businesses, will be awarded to the person who brings in the most goatheads.

See Reptiles, Amphibians at Unique DWR Event

Summer is a great time to learn about wildlife species that have adapted to hot environments. Reptiles and amphibians are remarkable, often misunderstood creatures that thrive throughout Utah. If you want to learn more about these highly specialized species and see them up close, come to a unique Utah Division of Wildlife Resources event being held on Friday, Aug. 19.