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Joe Jonas Debuts as Freshly Injected Face of Botox Alternative Xeomin: ‘Best Version of Myself’

Joe Jonas has added a new gig to his resume. The Jonas Brothers star is the new face of the Botox alternative injectable Xeomin, which is used to treat frown lines. The "Cool" singer stars in the companies newest ad campaign, which premiered today (Aug. 16). In it, Jonas opened up about his dedication to skincare and taking care of his body. He also commented on beauty standards.

This Texas School District Has Removed the Bible from its Library Shelves

In the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas region, one area school district has made the decision to remove the Bible from its schools' library shelves. To some, this was a shocking move on the part of the Keller, Texas Independent School District. However, the Bible wasn't the only book that has been pulled. Administrators for the school district appear to have made a sweeping decision to simply remove ALL challenged books from the shelves.

The Perfect Midland Odessa Labor Day Weekend Dinner

One of the things being an only child of a cook in the US Air Force did--was allow me to learn so much from my Dad when it comes to cooking. Admittedly, there were a LOT of dishes he'd make when I was a kid growing up in Chicago that I'd turn my nose up at and wouldn't be very excited to try (things like spaghetti with all kinds of extras thrown into the sauce like *gasp* mushrooms, onions, etc) or side dishes he'd serve like lima beans or peas... or heaven forbid asparagus!

This Petrifying Mysterious Texas Road Is One They Say You Must Drive At Least Once In Your Life

Patterson Road Bridge, remember that name because it may be the last thing you remember before you...well go for a drive over it of course. That is if you can gather the courage to do so. They say you must take a drive down Patterson Road in Houston, Texas at least once in this lifetime. It may or may not be the portal that leads to sinister things but some people, many people in fact have been all but willing to take that chance.

Runners Challenge Midland Drivers to Pay Attention to Them

Runners in Midland are more prominent in the past year, but some of them are calling out Midland drivers for not being aware that runners are on the road too. According to NewsWest 9, Lanita Torres is one of those runners that says that Midland drivers are not paying attention to her and other runners on the road.

5 Most Dangerous Jobs In Midland/Odessa

Every job has the potential to be dangerous. Even our radio jobs could be dangerous, we say one wrong thing, and someone could become angry enough to cause us bodily harm. Luckily, that has never happened to anyone in our office, but it has happened before. According to Job Monkey,...