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[PHOTOS] You Feel Like a Kid Once You Enter the Wonderland Gates

I don't care how old you are the moment you walk through the gates of Wonderland you automatically become a kid again. All the rides. All the fun. Even if you are an adult you watch your kiddos and grandkids get excited as they inch up closer and closer to being able to ride a big kid ride. Even watching them on the kiddie rides brings so much joy.

Why So Many Fireworks Stands If They’re Illegal In Amarillo?

I read a reminder from the Amarillo Police Department that shooting off fireworks within city limits is illegal. People that got caught doing so faced up to a $2000 fine. So if shooting them off is illegal, explain to me how it's allowable to have fireworks stands or shops on basically every corner in the city?

This Clothing Style Now a No-No in Dumas ISD Schools

Let's face it, going to school is tough these days. Our kids are faced with insane challenges each day. From learning to dealing with bullies and violence. The rules of the school are getting stricter each year. Being a kid and an individual is what shapes us into the adults...

Amarillo Adults Get to Relive Their Youth at the Skating Rink

Remember all the fun times at the skating rink growing up? I mean all the great music you heard. You had to skate out there when your jam came on. How excited you got when they declared it couples skate. Or they played a fun game of limbo. You had so many great memories of your time that mom and dad dropped you off at the rink for the evening.

The Only Thing Lacking During Shortages is Common Sense

Can we just admit that these past few years have been nothing short of challenging? We have had to deal with a pandemic. We had to deal with the rising cost of well, everything. We have had to deal with shortages. It's pretty much been a waiting game to see...

What Do You Get When You Mix Sonic With Sharks?

I love to use my apps to place orders and I'm an avid user of the Sonic app. I noticed the other day that they had a special slush available for purchase. Their special slush is the Shark Week Slush I thought hmmm, this could be interesting, so I ordered one just to see what it was all about.

Is ANYTHING Open Past 11PM In Amarillo?

So when I moved to Amarillo, one thing struck me right between the eyes surprisingly one night. On the weekends, the wife and I have a tendency to stay up later. Without fail, we'll get hungry around midnight or so. In Austin, I'd just hop on one of my pizza...

Glamping the Better Way to Camp

Camping is one of those activities that you either love or you hate. Some people adore it, some hate even the thought. I'm one of those people who would be great at glamping, just don't ask me to go tent camping unless it's a high-end tent. I have this thing about not having a bathroom. That's just me, the squatting in nature just isn't my thing. Give me an RV, maybe a cabin, a tent with a bathroom and I'm good.