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Netflix Announces ‘Stranger Things’ Spinoff and Stage Play

The Duffer brothers have been adamant that Stranger Things will end after its upcoming fifth season. But no one could look at the incredible viewership numbers for the show and think Netflix was simply going to let its biggest English-language franchise come to an end. That’s just not going to happen.

Texas Woman Makes Heartfelt Plea to “Red Light Runners” in Longview, TX

One woman in Longview, TX took to social media to make a heartfelt plea with drivers, and reading it is probably a good reminder for all of us. It just seems like it's always been pretty commonplace to make jokes about breaking traffic laws. We all laugh about speeding, ignoring stop lights, rolling through stop signs; like we forget that folks do get hurt when we don't follow road laws.

Longview, TX Police Make Arrest In Shooting Death

If you watch the TV show "The First 48" the show begins by telling the viewer that when an homicide happens, police have a greater chance of solving their case if they can get a lead on the suspect within the first 48 hours after the crime occurs. Longview Police are reporting that it took them a little longer than 48 hours to apprehend their suspect in a murder case but they arrested their suspect less than 24 hours after going public with the news.

Blue Bell has the Perfect Way to Keep Your Ice Cream Cold at Your Picnic

Its hot. That's why a nice bowl of ice cream is always in order to help cool us down. The thing about that heat is that ice cream won't last very long before it turns into an ice cream soup. Well, to no one's surprise, Blue Bell is here to help. They have a line of pint size koozies to help keep that ice cream in a solid state just a little bit longer.

South African “Preacher” Going To Prison For Scamming Tyler-Area Church

One thing you gotta love about East Texas is that we are a community that's ready to give help to those in need when called upon. But of course, there are those few scumbags who see our kindness as a weakness to take advantage of us and use our giving to enrich themselves. Its nice to know that every once and a while when one of these folks get caught, justice belongs to the people.

Smith County And Two More East Texas Counties Issue Burn Bans

I have to say this and this is my OPINION, but the most powerful "government lobby" group in a few East Texas counties isn't the gun rights, pro-life/choice, big business, special interest groups. Nope. It must be the "fireworks stand" lobby group because the timing of this news is quite hilarious to this observer at least.

Sorry East Texas Kids, The First Day Of School Is Coming Up Soon

I couldn't believe it when I walked into Walmart this past weekend on S. Broadway in Tyler to do some grocery shopping, shortly after I entered the store on the pharmacy/home goods side, I was greeted with at least three full-length aisles stocked with mountains of school supplies. Yeah, now that the 4th of July is behind us, it is time for back to school, and not soon after that, we'll see Christmas in the store too! But first, it's all about school.

A YouTube Channel is Still Mad Because We Critiqued Their Video About Tyler, Texas

In May of 2021, a YouTube channel called Southern Life came through Tyler and filmed a very confusing and very misinformed video about the city. The video was full of nonsense conjecture, yawning and just flat out wrong information. This from a channel that claimed at one time to help people move to the south. This channel decided to come back to Tyler in March of this year and once again spouted a bunch of nonsense and misinformation.

These Adorable Cats Are Available for Adoption Now in Longview, Texas

There is something about pets that just make life better, most of the time it is the unconditional love they show us. We can have the worst day at work or stressed out about people in our life and these animals just want to show us that they care and are excited to see us. Which is why I love to write about animals that are looking for their forever homes like these cats that are up for adoption in Longview, Texas.

Meet Two Cuties, Jewel And Ivy, They’ll Be Adopted As A Pair

They've grown up together and they would like to continue to grow old with each other. Jewel and Lily consider themselves 'sisters', although by another mother! They've been together for so long that the Humane Society's Pets Fur People is looking for a special person or family to adopt these two as a 'bonded pair'.

Texas-Based Brewery Wants to Pay You $10,000 to “Wander Around Texas”

Gas prices are out of this world, and while they may be coming down a tad, they still too damn high to do much road trippin', amirite? Well, some good news for you. Whether you're trying to road trip out of Tyler, Longview, or any other Texas city this summer, there is a chance that you could get paid to do it.

Entertain Like a King or Queen at this Texas Hill Country Castle

Many of us have had dreams of living in a castle like a king or queen. Many of us have wanted to travel overseas just to see and tour a real castle. Thanks to Airbnb, you won't have to travel far to live out that dream of being a king or queen. This Bavarian style castle is nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country with a view that goes for miles and can make memories for years to come.

This Austin, TX Comedian Goes Viral With Her Hilarious Tik Tok About Texas Heat

It's hot as _______ in Texas this summer. You can fill in the blank with the word you think is appropriate. The word that comes to my mind, while an appropriate description, is definitely not suitable for work. Well, good news for all the vulgar-word hating folks here, one Austin, TX comedian's viral Tik Tok perfectly explains this summer... Without a single swear word.

85 People Were Booked Into The Smith County Jail July 4th Weekend

As expected, the 4th Of July weekend was a busy one for law enforcement throughout Smith County in Texas. While the majority of East Texans were enjoying family time, grilling burgers, tubing on the lake, and setting off fireworks, there was a small group amongst the population that kept law enforcement busy.