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Show Me Missouri: The story of the Native American tribes who called the state home nearly 12,000 years ago

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Nearly 12,000 years ago, Missouri gained its first residents, Native Americans. Missouri gets its name from the Missouri Native American tribe that lived at the confluence of what are now the grand and Missouri rivers. In fact, Missouri’s first inhabitants were part of the Mississippian Native American culture that eventually became a collection of Native American nations.
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Woman Reports a Bigfoot Pulled Her Hair in the Woods near Springfield, Missouri

Sit down and let me tell you a tale of how a Missouri Bigfoot (allegedly) pulled a woman's braided hair so hard he nearly snapped her neck. It's (allegedly) true. If you're a fan of Sasquatch (and who isn't?), you owe it to yourself to follow Buckeye Bigfoot on YouTube. It's an endlessly entertaining channel of Bigfoot stories. This one just happens to involve a Missouri woman and a hair braid that Bigfoot used as a weapon. The Missouri woman's name is Dee for what it's worth. She apparently lives in what she refers to as "Sasquatch Valley" so you know this is gonna be good.
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Thousands of pounds of sheetrock scattered like deck of cards; Truck and trailer loaded with sheetrock crashes on Baseline Blvd

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — About 10:30 a.m. Jasper County Emergency Services were alerted to reports of a diesel truck crash near County Road 220 and Baseline Blvd. Missouri State Highway Patrol Cpl. Prewitt of Troop D tell us on scene there were two people in the truck. The driver suffered minor injuries and was transported by METS ambulance to Mercy Joplin. The passenger was not injured and remained on the scene.
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Show Me Missouri: The history of Missouri during the Civil War

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Race and politics are certainly part of the news today. But these issues go back so far, they’ve been part of Missouri’s story since the beginning. The founding of the state and the nation’s Civil War have close historical ties. Even if they’ve never set foot in Missouri,...
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A Cave in Missouri can take you Back in Time Millions of Years

Take a trip to this mesmerizing cave in Missouri, it is the closest thing to time traveling that we have here in the year 2021. I know it is August of 2021, and school is starting in just a couple weeks, BUT it is still Summer and so if you're looking to take an epic journey back in time for your summer vacation, then you should check out the incredible Meramec Caverns in Stanton, Missouri.
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Show Me Missouri: Route 66, the Mother Road

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Missouri is known for its roads and highways and possibly most famous of all, Route 66, the Mother Road. To understand traveling in Missouri, you have to take a trip back to a time before cars and trucks. What started as foot trails turned into rutted paths carved out by settlers. One of the first roads between St. Louis and Springfield, the Springfield Road, was created in 1837. The popularity of the automobile took off in the early 20th century, and people wanted to drive.
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Group abandons effort to force a vote on Missouri gas tax increase

A push by a conservative anti-tax group to force a statewide vote on a gas tax hike approved by Missouri lawmakers earlier this year has been abandoned, the group’s Missouri director said Monday. Jeremy Cady, state director of Americans for Prosperity, confirmed via text message that his organization is no...