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Missouri nature lovers spot venomous caterpillar, one man shares his warning

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A soft and fuzzy caterpillar could leave you with a nasty sting. A few nature lover groups across Missouri say they have spotted a few of these venomous creatures this fall. The Missouri Department of Conservation says they are not necessarily rare across the Ozarks, but they can be pretty rare to encounter. The MDC says they can often be pretty secretive.
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Missouri Registers First Two Archery Elk Harvests In History

For the first time, two elk were harvested within the archery season in Missouri. Josh Roller is with the Missouri Department of Conservation. The bear season is also meeting with some mild success. 2 bears were harvested in Zone 2. There have been no bears harvested in Zone 3. Missouri’s...
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Ninth hunter harvests bear in Missouri’s first bear season

(KFVS) - Hume, Mo. resident Kelsie Wikoff is now one of nine hunters to harvest a bear in Missouri’s first bear-hunting season. The Missouri Department of Conservation announced Wikoff is the first female hunter to harvest a bear so far. Her bear was a 268-pound male. The season will end...
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7 Black Bear Killed So Far in Missouri

(Farmington) State conservation officials are reporting seven bears have been taken in the first-ever black bear hunting season in southern Missouri. Five were killed in Zone 1 in southwest Missouri and two were taken in Zone 2 here in the Regional Radio listening area. The season runs through next Wednesday.

97 dogs removed from facility in southwest Missouri

Urbana, Mo. (AP) — The Humane Society of Missouri on Tuesday removed nearly 100 dogs, including several puppies, from a southwestern Missouri facility, alleging the dogs suffered from severe neglect. The Humane Society said in a news release that 97 dogs were taken from a breeding facility in Urbana, approximately...

First Elk harvested by archery in Missouri

Eminence, MO – A Pleasant Hope man became the first Missourian in modern elk hunting history to harvest an elk by archery. Chris Irick of Pleasant Hope took the 6-by-6 bull elk in Shannon County late in the evening on Oct. 18 and found it early in the morning on the 19. In an ironic twist, a bear hunter found the elk before Chris did, and promptly reported it to local conservation agents. Conservation Agent Logan Brawley responded. As he drove up, he heard Irick yelling, but could not immediately see him. Irick had climbed up about 16 feet in a tree over the elk, making his best effort for cell service to get the elk called in to Telecheck, the system which requires hunters to check harvested game by phone or Internet.

Shark attacks in landlocked states? Yes, there have been shark bites in Kentucky, Missouri and New Mexico

Colorado Governor Jared Polis shared a fun fact on Twitter last week: "Colorado is tied for state with the least shark attacks!" While that might seem quite obvious for a landlocked state, the graphic Polis shared raised eyebrows. The shark attack map showed other landlocked states – including New Mexico, Missouri and Kentucky — did have at least one shark attack.

Missouri’s first bear hunting season starts

JOPLIN, Mo.–Missouri hunters can officially add a new animal to their roster, with the start of a new black bear hunting season in the show me state. “This is the first-ever black bear season in Missouri, anytime you can participate in the first-ever of something it’s kind of a special deal,” said Francis Skalicky with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Humane Society task force rescues nearly 100 dogs from former breeder in southwest Missouri

HICKORY COUNTY, Mo.- A task force with the Humane Society of Missouri rescued 97 dogs from a former breeder in Hickory County Tuesday. According to the Humane Society, the rescue included puppies as young as 10-weeks-old. The rescue took place at a facility of a formerly licensed breeder in Urbana, Missouri. The breeder operated as […]

First bear taken as hunting season begins in Missouri

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Missouri’s first black bear hunting season has begun, and a hunter in southwestern Missouri is the first to take a bear. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that a 250-pound female was hunted on private land Monday. Missouri Department of Conservation communications manager Lucas Bond says a second bear was later killed on public land in the same area west of West Plains. Bond didn’t release the name of the hunter who shot the first bear. The man said in a video posted on the department’s Facebook page that as a hunter, “this was probably the most thrilling, exciting thing that I’ve ever done.”

Missouri Hunter Makes History with Archery Elk Harvest

The first elk by archery methods in Missouri’s modern elk hunting history has officially been harvested and recorded by Chris Irick. Way to go, Chris! The Pleasant Hope, Missouri hunter is now the first in his state’s recorded history to harvest an elk by archery. How’s that for an Outsider’s place in history?