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Happy Birthday, Missouri! Now, Where is Our Ice Cream?

ST. LOUIS, MO — Good news for you, ice cream aficionados! Soft, cold, and sweet cream sprinkled with various toppings on it, you can get it at the ice cream social event which will be held in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Missouri statehood. Let's celebrate this important day by enjoying the official desserts from our statehood on August 10. Drive your car to these 3 ice cream socials in St. Louis!
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A Cave in Missouri can take you Back in Time Millions of Years

Take a trip to this mesmerizing cave in Missouri, it is the closest thing to time traveling that we have here in the year 2021. I know it is August of 2021, and school is starting in just a couple weeks, BUT it is still Summer and so if you're looking to take an epic journey back in time for your summer vacation, then you should check out the incredible Meramec Caverns in Stanton, Missouri.
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Missouri is now counting bumblebees to curb their decline

TROY, Mo. – The show me state is now counting bumblebees. The Post-Dispatch reported scientists are trying to count the pollinators in Missouri in order to stop their decline. All of this work will help scientists track bee populations long-term and update their understanding of where bees live, what flowers...
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Missouri State Parks reminds visitors to watch for heat exhaustion

JEFFERSON CITY — Heat-related illnesses, like heat exhaustion or heat stroke, happen when the body is not able to properly cool itself. While the body normally cools itself by sweating, during extreme heat this might not be enough. Knowing the signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses can help you stay...
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West County Center has deals during Missouri’s Sales Tax Holiday

ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Sales Tax Holiday is Friday, August 6 through Sunday, August 8 and West County Center has the shopping list. Although, not everything is eligible for the exemptions. Also, customers may have to pay city and county taxes. West County Marketing Director Sean Phillips walked us through the restrictions and the latest trends in back-to-school fashion.