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Minnesota universities mandate masks to curb COVID-19 spread

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Public colleges and universities in Minnesota will be requiring masks to be worn on campuses to help stop the spread of COVID-19 as the delta variant of the virus is surging. The University of Minnesota is requiring that all students, employees and visitors at its five campuses...
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Top 3 ziplining destinations in Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Ziplining in Minnesota is the perfect combination of adrenaline, adventure, and thrills-You are gliding over treetops and taking in high vistas from the safety of your harness! For those who want to experience the excitement of ziplining in Minnesota, make sure to visit these places.
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2023 Texas safety DJ Coleman takes a July visit to Minnesota

"I got into Minnesota on Thursday and we were able to head to a place on campus and eat with Minnesota coaches Joe Harasymiak and Clay Patterson," 2023 Texas safety DJ Coleman said to 247Sports. "That was really nice as they made us feel at home on our first night there. On Friday, they gave us a tour of the facilities and academic center, plus I got to have a photo shoot. The Gophers campus was nice and all of their facilities seemed brand new. Then on Saturday, we came back in the afternoon for their HYPRR Hangout so I can to hang out with their committed 2022 recruits and some other top 2023 guys. It was a good experience, for sure."
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Minnesota commit Zach Evans enjoys another trip to campus

"I flew up to Minnesota this past weekend and it was a lot of fun," 2022 Texas running back and Minnesota commit Zach Evans said to GopherIllustrated. "I met up with quarterback commit Jacob Knuth, WR commits Kristen Hoskins and Ike White and commit Spencer Alvarez on Friday and we worked out in the indoor without any of the Minnesota coaches. It was great to workout with them and you kind of got to see the differences between some of the offenses that we all are running and the variation of routes. On Saturday, we had a fun scavenger hunt with the coaches. It was more laid back as there wasn't too much pressure there because it wasn't like me and the other commits were trying to get the other kids to commit or anything."
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Minnesota universities requiring masks on campuses

Minnesota's public colleges and universities will require masks to be worn on all campuses as the delta variant of the coronavirus surges, according to The Associated Press. The University of Minnesota made the announcement Monday, instructing all students, staff and visitors to wear masks indoors as of Tuesday, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated.
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Minnesota Law Firm Battles For Critical Race Theory Opponents, Saying Clients Don’t Want To Convert To Its ‘Warped’ Ideology

A Minnesota public interest law firm is taking on Critical Race Theory, claiming it is an affront to the very civil rights movement it claims to represent. In fact, the law firm claims, proponents of CRT are behaving just like the KKK and other racists of yore who fought the advance of civil rights in the 1960s.