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Minnesota Spot is One of The Best Places To See Fall Colors In The World!

Now that it's officially fall, it's not too early to begin planning a road trip to check out some of the beautiful fall colors we have right here in Minnesota. Ask me and I'll be the first to tell you how much I LOVE summer, with the sun kissing my skin, long days with the smell of BBQ lingering in the air, fresh cut grass, and enjoying time in one of our 10,000 plus lakes, it doesn't get much better. However, in my book, fall competes closely.
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Hunter Arrows Monster Minnesota Drop-Tine Buck with a Rack Draped in Velvet

If you need to manage a huge property to consistently grow mature whitetails, just try telling that to Chad Garteski, who arrowed a 184-inch monster on a 100-acre tract in southeastern Minnesota on September 18th. The heavy-racked buck was one Garteski knew well. “He was just a regular, not only on that farm, but in a certain corner that other mature bucks use frequently,” he told F&S. “I was obviously excited when he showed up, but not surprised.”

Minnesota not collecting as much tax revenue as it could on newly legal THC edibles

MINNETONKA, Minn. -- At Duke's on 7 in Minnetonka, there are new drinks on the menu: seltzers infused with hemp-derived THC, an offering made possible by a recent law allowing small amounts of the intoxicating chemical that can produce a high in food and drinks."I think people are just curious to try them because it just became legal over a month ago," said Luke Derheim, co-owner of Craft & Crew Hospitality, which owns Duke's and other restaurants.There's a sales tax every time someone buys THC seltzer, pack of gummies or other edibles. But Minnesota is not reaping the full economic...

Minnesota Waterfowl Hunting Season Opens

Minnesota’s waterfowl hunting season for 2022 opens today (Saturday) in all three of the state’s hunting zones. Minnesota’s north duck zone will have a continuous season beginning today (Saturday) through November 22nd, while the central and south duck zones will have what is known as a “split season.”

Grow with KARE: Goldenrod vs ragweed

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — This time of year, there’s a common misconception we need to clear up about goldenrod and ragweed. One is good and the other not so much. This native wildflower blooms in late summer and lines the roadsides and prairies. There are lots of different goldenrods native to Minnesota but the one you’ll see most is Canada Goldenrod. It’s a fan favorite of bees looking for nectar late in the season. It’s not pollinated by the wind and is not an airborne allergen.