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CEO Compensation

The Business Journal considers CEO pay to be the total compensation figure from the summary compensation table in each company’s proxy statement or annual report. The restricted stock awards and option awards in the table reflect the aggregate grant date fair value, according to the current Securities and Exchange Commission policy. MSPBJ does not consider gains on stock that is liquidated to be CEO compensation, even if the ownership resulted from the exercise of options. Those transactions stem from investment decisions of CEOs regarding compensation companies already accounted for in previous years. (The Star Tribune’s annual compensation report does include such gains, but we do not believe that methodology serves our readers as it does not accurately reflect companies’ compensation decisions in the pay period this study examines.) The pay period for this study is fiscal year 2020. In instances where more than one CEO headed the company during the fiscal year, the overriding factor in our selection was length of term; if those terms were relatively equal (five to seven months), we chose the more recent (current) CEO. If the person listed no longer holds the title of CEO, the fact is footnoted. Our source for executive compensation information is the proxy statement (typically form DEF 14A) and, when unavailable, the annual report (typically form 10-K) that each company must file with the SEC. The List is compiled of CEOs from our Public Companies List published April 2. Compensation for CEOs of newly listed companies was not available.
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