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Steakhouse chain Fleming's sued over servers' 'excessive' non-tipped work

(Reuters) - National restaurant chain Fleming's Prime Steakhouse was hit with a proposed collective action on Tuesday claiming it pays the lower minimum wage for tipped workers to servers and bartenders while requiring them to perform "excessive" non-tipped tasks. Former Fleming's server John Thomas filed the lawsuit in Boston federal...
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Screw the ice cream. Here’s how companies should commemorate Juneteenth.

The public dragging of Walmart for creating and selling Juneteenth-themed ice cream was truly an unexpected topping on a hellish week. The copyrighted (sigh) labeling was allegedly meant to honor a Black liberatory holiday but it was nothing more than performative. How do I know that? It’s public knowledge that dairy is the enemy of the diaspora… and there was a cheesecake flavor too. Was anyone in that marketing meeting Black?

Lifting the minimum wage is anything but reckless – it's what low earners need

Stand by for something “reckless and dangerous”. That’s what former prime minister Scott Morrison said Prime Minister Anthony Albanese would be if he asked the Fair Work Commission to grant a wage rise big enough to cover inflation. It would make Albanese a “loose unit” on the economy. Yet Albanese and his industrial relations spokesman Tony Burke are preparing to do just that ahead of the commission’s deadline of June 7, in time for the increase to take effect on July 1. The increase would amount to a dollar an hour, lifting Australia’s minimum wage from A$20.33 an hour to A$21.36. New Zealand...

A gallon of gas costs more than the federal minimum wage at some stations in California

The price of gasoline has continued to soar across the US, with prices on the precipice of setting a Memorial Day record. At nine California stations, the price of gas is now higher than the federal minimum wage. According to Patrick De Haan of GasBuddy, two stations in Los Angeles and one outside San Francisco are among the locations where a gallon of gas is now at least $7.25.California, which has long had relatively high gas prices, also has a minimum wage double the federal minimum. California workers make at least $14.50 per hour, with some cities like Berkeley,...
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4 Rules for Ordering Takeout

Ordering takeout from a restaurant is a luxury. (There's no cooking, no dishes, and it only costs about 20 times what it costs to make it yourself!) Over the past two years, takeout orders have soared, more than doubling during the pandemic. I've been working in restaurants for over 20 years, so I know my way around a to-go order. And here's the thing: Your to-go bag isn't put together by magical elves from the Land of Styrofoam. To-go orders take real effort because once that food is shoved into the insulated bag of a delivery person, there's no going back. Orders are checked and double-checked for accuracy so we're not yelled at over the phone by someone who didn't get their extra ranch dressing and painstakingly packed so they make it to their destination intact. Here are a few takeaways for takeout to think about the next time you order.

Bank of America hikes its minimum wage to $22 per hour

Bank of America is giving its lowest-paid employees a bump in wages to $22 an hour, equivalent to nearly $46,000 a year for full-time workers. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based company's pay increase bolsters the earnings of a large portion of its 174,000 U.S. employees, and follows wage hikes that started with the bank increasing its hourly base to $15 in 2017, $17 in 2019 and then $21 in 2021. BofA previously announced that it plans to gradually raise its base pay to $25 per hour by 2025.