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Wauwatosa 87th Street traffic project complete

WAUWATOSA, Wis. - In Wauwatosa, 87th Street is now officially a "complete street" – the roadway dedicated to all modes of transportation. The Milwaukee Regional Medical Center is home to doctors, nurses, students and patients, which means there is plenty of foot, bike and motor vehicle traffic on 87th Street.
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2021 Sustainable Transportation Series

For the second year in a row, City of Madison Fleet collaborated with Alliant Energy, Madison Gas & Electric, and Wisconsin Clean Cities to bring you Sustainable Transportation, a virtual educational series for fleets. During the four-week series this fall, each session brings together industry experts to talk about a variety of sustainable transportation topics.
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MPS bus issues amid hiring challenges weeks into school year

MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee child has only been to school one day out of three weeks worth of classes. Her mother says it's because she can't get there. Lakeside Bus Company says hiring continues to be a challenge, and it's making significant investments in recruitment initiatives. It seems transportation woes...

Milwaukee's Hop streetcar needs operators, open interviews Thursday

MILWAUKEE - The Hop, Milwaukee's streetcar, is in need of operators. Open interviews will be held at the streetcar maintenance facility near 5th and Clybourn on Thursday afternoon, Sept. 23. The job fair runs from 1-4 p.m. Candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent, be at least 21...
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Thiensville rates its roads

THIENSVILLE — Motorists may always find something to complain about when it comes to roads, but a new analysis shows Thiensville’s 16.81 miles of roads are generally in good condition. Some of them, like Green Bay Road, are even considered very good. The analysis was conducted using the Pavement Surface...

Survey of Milwaukee diesel prices reveals $0.45 savings at cheapest station

(MILWAUKEE, WI) Your choice of gas station could be costing you as much as $0.45 if you’re buying diesel in Milwaukee, according to a recent price survey. The survey, which looked at prices across the Milwaukee area on Tuesday, found that Jetz at 607 S 70Th Sthad the cheapest advertised diesel, at just $2.94 per gallon. By comparison, the most expensive station in the area was Mobil at 605 S 1St St, which listed a per-gallon price of $3.39.
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Mequon officials agree to stoplight at Port Washington and County Line roads

MEQUON — Thanks to pressure from neighbors who describe the area as an accident waiting to happen, the Mequon Common Council last week approved moving forward with an agreement with the state to install a stoplight at the Port Washington and County Line roads intersection. It is a reversal from...

The Economics of Gas Stations

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Save $0.52 per gallon on gas at the cheapest station in Milwaukee

(MILWAUKEE, WI) Depending on where you fill up in Milwaukee, you could be saving up to $0.52 per gallon on gas. On Saturday the cheapest gallon of unleaded regular in the area was at S.K. Petro Mart at 2501 S 13Th St. Regular there was listed at $2.87 per gallon Wednesday, compared to $3.39 at CITGO at 4302 W Capitol Dr, which GasBuddy clocked as the most expensive station in the area.
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Interstate bridge closed indefinitely after hit by dump truck

CONCORD — Jefferson County commuters to and from Milwaukee and Waukesha counties will be finding life a bit more challenging in the coming days after a dump truck struck the Highway E bridge over Interstate 94 near Concord. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and Wisconsin State Patrol, the... Milwaukee

Reckless driving in Milwaukee, 'kids think it's a joke'

MILWAUKEE - Fed up with reckless driving, a neighbor shared wild video recorded outside Vincent High School in Milwaukee Tuesday, Sept. 14 as community advocates work to stop the problem. The reckless driving after school has gotten chaotic, according to parents and neighbors. Viewer video from Tuesday near Vincent High...