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10 Fastest-Growing Massachusetts Cities in 2022

Do you know the actual difference between a city and a town? I never knew. A city has 50,000 or more residents. A town has less than 50,000 residents. With that in mind, here are the 10 fastest-growing cities in Massachusetts as we head into 2023. If the grocery stores where you live are looking a little more tightly-packed with humans recently, maybe you’re on the list! How exciting?

Another Beloved Restaurant Chain Closes Multiple Locations in Massachusetts

As I mentioned in a previous article regarding the closure of a Ninety-Nine restaurant location in Massachusetts, I haven't been dining out in Berkshire County (or anywhere for that matter) as of late due to trying to save on money. In addition, when I do get dinner from an eatery I have been opting for delivery or takeout due to convenience and safety. It seems like everywhere you look lately many people are getting nailed with some kind of sickness.

Cannabis regulators want big budget increase

Members of the Cannabis Control Commission voted Thursday to approve a fiscal year 2024 budget request of more than $23.7 million, including 26 new hires and $1.5 million to fund public awareness campaigns called for in this summer's cannabis industry reform law.
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1st snow of season possible in New York City, coastal Northeast

Those hoping for some holiday cheer in the form of snow may not have to wait much longer in portions of the Northeast, according to AccuWeather meteorologists. Residents in locations near the Atlantic coast will likely receive their first snowflakes and perhaps the first accumulating snow of the season this weekend.

Here’s When Massachusetts Can Expect More Snowfall

Winter is a fact of life here in Massachusetts. Snow is something us New Englanders look forward to especially around the holidays. Temperatures have actually for the most part been pretty mild but when they drop, they drop. Thankfully the heater in my car is like an oven. I drive Toyotas so why not right?

Massachusetts Fishing Report- December 8, 2022

My friend Jan Flaherty refers to the malady as “fish brain”. She should know, her husband Dave certainly has it. The “it” could be described as an overriding compulsion to divide life into two categories – fishing time and everything else. If you really have it bad, then right now panfish should be your top targets.