Michigan Opinion Spotlight

Michigan Opinion Spotlight

POLL: Do You Think People Should Be Allowed To Have Guns At Protests?

GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- The guns on both sides were plentiful. But two opposing groups managed to both rally at the same Allendale area park without any skirmishes. The American Patriot Council and Justice for Black Lives held rallies just a few hundred yards apart Saturday, Oct. 24, as Ottawa County sheriff’s deputies kept a close watch and made sure the groups did not intermingle.
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POLL: Have You Visited Grand Rapids?

Grand Rapids residents can send free, personalized postcards in the mail through Experience Grand Rapids’ website until Oct. 31. The free service is a part of Postcards from Grand Rapids, a campaign encouraging residents to invite friends and family to visit West Michigan that was launched by Experience Grand Rapids. Participants will be eligible to enter to win overnight stays at partner hotels.

POLL: Do You Think That The Announcement Made By The Chief Of Police In Detroit Can Realistically Stifle Protests And Demonstrations From Taking Place?

DETROIT – With the shooting of Jacob Blake racial tensions are crackling like a wildfire. Back at home, Detroit Police Chief James Craig James Craig tells protesters there will be no Seattle in Detroit. Craig along with columnist Eugene Robinson made appearances on Flashpoint Sunday to discuss the protests against...

Do You Agree With The Michigan High School Athletic Association'S Decision To Postpone Its Season To The Spring?

Grand Valley Christian Patriots football coach Brian Shafer’s phone went off Friday afternoon. Shafer said about 70 percent of his team messaged him when word broke that the Michigan High School Athletic Association postponed its season to the spring. The Patriots, who are a homeschool team featuring 32 players from across the Grand Rapids area, wanted to know where the decision left them.

Do you think Sen. Kamala Harris was the right pick as vice president for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden?

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden named U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., to be his running mate in 2020. Biden’s announcement ends months of speculation about who would join him on the Democratic ticket in 2020. The former vice president promised he would select a woman run alongside him, and the list of possible contenders included Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who leads a critical swing state and flew out to meet Biden in Deleware last week.