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NBA Fans Debate Who The Better Player Is Between Anthony Davis And Bam Adebayo: "Healthy Anthony Davis Is Three Levels Above Adebayo."

Among the recent NBA Finals, perhaps the 2020 NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat had the biggest what-if factor in the series. Given that the Heat, for the majority of the series, did not have a fit Bam Adebayo available, many fans wondered whether the result would have been different if the big man was at full health.
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Miami Heat: We’ll wait a while to see P.J. Tucker back in FTX Arena

Having to wait almost five months into the season before they can, the Miami Heat will welcome P.J. Tucker back into the FTX Arena for the first time on March 1st. They’ll face their former guy for the first time in just the game before, one on February 27th that will be played in Philadelphia in front of a national crowd on NBATV.

Report: Nets hope to keep star Kevin Durant and 'run this team back'

As the saga between disgruntled star Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets continues to unfold, a new wrinkle surfaced on Thursday. Appearing on ESPN's "Get Up!", Brian Windhorst (h/t Real GM) thinks the Nets want to keep their core for another run. Despite not receiving an extension, Windhorst believes guard...

NBA Fans React To Schedule For Nationally Televised Games In The 2022-23 Season, Lakers And Warriors Have The Most Games: "I Understand The Lakers Have LeBron But That's Insane."

The new NBA season is about 2 months away still, but the excitement for it has already begun. Most teams have made their moves, and some other situations are still to be resolved, but fans are eagerly looking forward to the league's return already. And there was some fuel added to that fire after the NBA recently shared its schedule for the coming season.

The Cavs Will Always Hold A Very Special LeBron James Record

LeBron James just signed a massive deal with the Los Angeles Lakers but the Cleveland Cavaliers will always possess a very special record about the superstar. On Wednesday it was announced that James had agreed to a two-year, $97.1 million contract extension with the purple and gold, which includes a player option for the 2024-25 season.

No urgency from Miami to extend Tyler Herro?

Keep in mind that if the Heat wait on an extension, it means Tyler Herro remains trade eligible at any point during the season, potentially a chip to put in play at the February NBA trading deadline. The risk is losing Tyler as a restricted free agent next summer. But that also almost never happens, as evidenced this summer with the Suns and Deandre Ayton. Either way, it appears it will be a decision that will come much closer to the Oct. 18 extension deadline. There simply is no urgency from the Heat’s perspective at the moment.
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Fun and games with the 2022-23 Wizards schedule

The 2022-23 schedule is out, and it’s clear the Washington Wizards will coast to a 65+ win regular season, dominate the Eastern Conference playoffs, and smack around whatever team the West produces to claim their first NBA championship since 1978. The preceding paragraph might be the kind of thing...