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Don’t tell the ‘My body, my choice’ crowd: Florida has tons of vaccine mandates | Editorial

In 1777, there weren’t chants of “My body, my choice” at political rallies or governors selling “Don’t Fauci my Florida” campaign T-shirts. But George Washington’s decision to mandate that Continental Army soldiers be inoculated against smallpox wasn’t easy. There were no safe, widely tested vaccines like the ones used for the coronavirus today, and inoculation in the 18th century was controversial and risky. It required exposing healthy people to the smallpox virus by scratching it into their arm or having them inhale it through the nose, generally causing a mild infection that led to immunity but, also — occasionally — death.
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Mandatory vaccines for Broward poll workers a needed step | Editorial

The work is tedious, the hours are long and the pay is paltry. But running smooth elections is critically important to a functioning democracy in this age of baseless claims of election fraud and death threats against voting officials. More than 1,000 civic-minded Broward residents have signed up to be poll workers for an upcoming special election, and nearly half as many are also being ...

‘This Is Really Horrible’: Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber Slammed Gov. DeSantis Over Ban On Cities, Counties Requiring Employee COVID Vaccinations

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber has slammed Governor Ron DeSantis after he announced that county and city governments would be fined if they mandated that their employees be vaccinated against COVID-19. “He’s spreading these conspiracies about vaccines and now stopping major employers from getting their employees, who deal with the public every day, vaccinated. This is really horrible,” said Gelber. On Monday, DeSantis said cities or counties that require employee vaccinations would be fined $5,000 per violation, potentially millions of dollars statewide. At a news conference near Gainesville, he said vaccine mandates are not about the science. “I don’t...

DeSantis Pledges To Fine Cities, Counties Requiring Workers To Get COVID Vaccine

MIAMI (CBSMiami/AP) – Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced that his administration will start issuing $5,000 fines to cities and counties that require their workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. “These mandates are overreaches and they will be really destructive to a lot of good people. So we’re on board to fight back both in terms in any of the government, with our law being applied and the fines, but then anything involving the private, we’re going to be providing protections for people because people should not face a choice of losing their jobs,” said DeSantis at a campaign-style news conference on...

What’s taking so long? Parents enroll their kids in COVID vaccine trials to help speed approval

Kids’ COVID vaccines are coming. But not quickly enough for many parents. Some, anxious about a new school year amid a surge of the delta variant, are asking for COVID shots for their young children, even though the vaccines are not approved yet for anyone under 12. The Food and Drug Administration warned nervous parents on Tuesday that they must wait patiently for the coming vaccines, promising ...

How will Biden vaccine requirement affect South Florida businesses?

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – At a pop-up COVID-19 vaccination site in Overtown, Dr. Darren Thornton said he’s already fielded questions from people now needing a shot for work. “Right now we are at a point where most of the people who wanted to get vaccinated have been vaccinated,” he said. “The fact that ‘the reason we go to work because we can’t afford not to’ — that usually comes into play and they decide to get it.”

Miami-Dade School Board Approves COVID Vaccine Incentive

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Miami-Dade School Board met Thursday and unanimously passed a COVID vaccine incentive. The meeting came after 13 school district employees have died since the middle of last month, including four teachers. All of the employees were African American and not vaccinated. Earlier this week, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho appeared on CNN where he said incentives were the best they could do because vaccine passports are illegal in the state. The measure passed will give $275 to each employee who show proof of vaccination. It was proposed by the United Teachers of Dade. Eighty-five percent of Miami-Dade teachers are vaccinated according to the union, but in the last three weeks, schools have dealt with heartbreaking COVID losses. Three teachers, a cafeteria worker, a security employee and 8 bus drivers have died of COVID, all 13 were not vaccinated, according to the union. “It’s imperative we educate people on the importance of the vaccine,” said union head Karla Hernandez-Mats. Outside the board meeting, a handful of protesters demonstrated against the mandatory mask rule in Miami Dade public schools. “My problem is it’s not a choice,” said Ruth Swanson.

Keiser University’s Port St. Lucie Campus to Host Vaccine Clinic

Keiser University’s Port St. Lucie Campus to Host Vaccine Clinic. The university’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing students will administer the vaccine. What: The City of Port St. Lucie, in a public/private partnership with Dr. Mark Pamer, is hosting a free, COVID-19 vaccine clinic at Keiser University’s Port St. Lucie campus. Keiser University nursing students will be assisting Dr. Pamer with vaccine administration and monitoring.