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5.5-magnitude earthquake rattles southern Mexico near Acapulco

May 26 (UPI) -- A strong earthquake shook southern Mexico on Wednesday in an area that's rife with seismic activity, scientists said. The U.S. Geological Survey said that the quake registered with a magnitude of 5.5, which is considered to be a strong intermediate temblor. It struck near Oaxaca, which is located about 200 miles east of Acapulco on the southern end of the Yucatan Peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Axolotl Lifespan: Mexico’s Lovely, Enormous Salamanders

Axolotls are adorable, fascinating salamanders with an almost supernatural capacity to regrow bodily parts. However, pollution and urbanization are grave threats to the survival of this species. These creatures are frequently investigated because of their remarkable ability to regenerate their limbs up to 5 times, with full regeneration requiring only...
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Wintering Monarch Butterflies Bounce Back in Mexico – Numbers Surge by 35%

Following a massive, 125-fold increase in western monarch butterfly populations in America, a 35% increase has just been recorded in the numbers of monarchs arriving in Mexico. As one of the great migratory species on the planet, entomologists in Mexico don’t bother counting individuals, but rather the acreage of mountaintop...

Pine City woman details being victim of scam; law enforcement offers tips

Law enforcement agencies have been warning the public of virtual kidnapping schemes for some time, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Virtual kidnappings happen when a victim is told, over the phone, that his or her family member has been kidnapped. Then, through deception and threats, criminals coerce victims to pay a ransom. The criminals also threaten harm to the party(s) if they call law enforcement or alert authorities.

International Icon of Italian Style Pininfarina Opens New York City Office

International icon of Italian style and award-winning design firm, Pininfarina, has officially opened its first New York City office–representing an exciting next step in the firm’s storybook evolution from bespoke coachbuilder to global design powerhouse. Founded in 1930, Pininfarina is lauded all over the globe for creating some...

Fintechs fail to make a dent in Mexico as cash remains king

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Financial inclusion levels in Mexico have worsened since 2018, official statistics show, despite a burst of financial startups hoping to ‘bank the unbanked’. Mexicans with at least one financial product last year fell 0.5% to 67.8% compared with 2018, the National Inclusion Report (ENIF)...