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My Toddler Seems Anxious: How Can I Help?

While anxiety can be developmentally typical in toddlers, some kids experience higher levels than others. As your toddler’s understanding of the world grows, you may notice that certain situations — like meeting new people or having bedtime fears — make them feel anxious. Anxiety is an emotion that’s common in toddlerhood.
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Using Positive Reinforcement to Influence the Behavior of Others

It is not always easy to change other people's behavior, especially when we have to keep up a good relationship with them. Fortunately, using operant conditioning with positive reinforcement can change behavior, avoid punishment, and improve relationships. The process is about identifying and rewarding positive behaviors in others, while providing...
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Health Insurance For Mental Health Is Terrible. This $4.6 Billion Startup Is Shaking Up The Status Quo.

Good mental healthcare is hard to come by—even with insurance. More than half of people surveyed by the National Alliance on Mental Illness said when searching for a psychiatrist the doctors they called weren't accepting new patients or did not accept their insurance. One-third of people couldn’t find any mental health prescriber who would accept their insurance. Despite federal laws requiring health insurers to reimburse mental health and medical services at the same rates, the unfortunate truth is many insurance networks have terrible coverage with outdated provider directories and unintelligible benefits.

Dreamville’s Lute is Ready to Tackle His Anxiety

Luther Nicholson, known professionally as Lute, is a Grammy-nominated artist signed to Dreamville Records. Yet despite his professional success, the 31-year-old has had personal battles with anxiety that for some time he didn’t have a name for. “The way I found out about anxiety was from an infomercial one night,”...
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Are Jobs As Bad As We Fear?

The term "bullshit jobs" came to popular attention in 2018 when the late David Graeber published Bullshit Jobs: A Theory, in which he argued that over half of the jobs today are meaningless, which in turn has a significant impact on our mental wellbeing as so much of our self-worth is tied up with doing meaningful work.

Four Calls To Action To Support Employees’ Mental Health

Partner & Co-Founder at Kuroshio Consulting Inc., a management consultant with 20 years of international strategy consulting experience. Mental Health America’s 2021 “Mind the Workplace” report shows that burnout, lack of supervisory support, workplace stress and financial insecurity are prevalent across organizations in the U.S. Many organizations still believe that offering benefit programs through human resources (HR) to access mental health services is sufficient, but according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), eight in 10 people don’t seek treatment due to shame and stigma. More than access is needed to support your employees’ mental health.
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Do You Come Across As Less Truthful The Longer You Take To Respond?

Suppose you are a juror listening to testimony from the star witness. The prosecutor asks, “Did you see him holding the murder weapon?” The witness pauses for a few seconds before answering, “Yes.”. Or suppose you have finished dinner. Your significant other says, “Honey, what did you think of that...
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Distraction is dysfunction

We are living in a world of constant interruptions. Think about how many times you are disturbed during the course of a typical hour at work. Your phone rings. Someone sends you a text message. You get an alert from a social media app or someone drops you an instant message. It’s incessant.
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‘Lifelong Pal, Anxiety’: Why Ryan Reynolds, Naomi Osaka And Other Celebrities Need To Discuss Mental Health

I remember it like it was yesterday. As soon as the hosts of the house party heard I was taking classical Indian singing lessons, they busted out their harmonium – a rectangular, box-like organ instrument. With wide-open, nervous eyes, I glanced over at my father, vigorously shaking my head. He nodded towards the Indian keyboard with a stern expression that said, ‘I pay good money for these weekly lessons…you’re going to perform!’ The truth is I neither enjoyed singing nor performing publicly. In fact, I hated it; I just never had the courage to tell my parents. Riddled with anxiety, I sat in the middle of the living room and started to play the harmonium while fumbling through 1950s Bengali lyrics. The notes were wrong. My voice was off-key. I could feel the singe of silent, stunned stares from aunties and uncles. Two minutes felt like two hours. A mixture of anger and embarrassment drove my father to pound back one glass of Johnny Walker after another. My memory of this traumatizing event is as vivid as a Renoir oil painting. I was 10 years old.
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Free Yourself From Fear: A 5-Step Guide To Banishing Anxiety At Work

Are you wildly successful yet unable to suppress the fear that your next big failure is lurking around the corner?. Arunima, a recognized expert physician and research lab director, wakes up between 3 and 4 most mornings. Her mind spins yarns about the consequences of forgetting something on her to-do list, trapping her in a saga of flops and ruin. Her outward success masks feelings of anxiety, inadequacy and shame.
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Your “Self-Concept” Defines Your Limits

The person you perceive is the person you will become. How do you perceive yourself? Are you ugly or beautiful? Intelligent or dumb? What are your best attributes? What can you do, and what are your limitations?
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All About CBD for ADHD

There isn’t much evidence that CBD can help you manage ADHD. But if you have co-occurring anxiety, CBD might be more beneficial. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound in cannabis and hemp plants. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is in every human (and nearly every vertebrate animal) and maintains balance and plays an important role in pain, digestion, mood regulation, and inflammation.

Mental health in north Wales: Calls for unit for mums and babies

A woman who had to travel to England to access specialist mental health support after giving birth is calling for a unit to be established in north Wales. Nia Foulkes said she struggled being away from her family in Denbighshire and it has even discouraged her and her husband from trying for more children.
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Tips for Living with Someone Who Has Bipolar Disorder

Sharing your space with others isn’t easy. Here’s how to make it work with someone you live with who manages bipolar disorder. It can be difficult living with someone who has a severe and chronic mental condition. This is true whether you’re a roommate, partner, parent, child, or friend. But with some planning, communication, and compassion, you can make it work well for both of you.
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Promoting Resiliency After First-Episode Psychosis

Simple but powerful strategies for drawing on patients’ existing character strengths and long-term goals. VanMeter and Cichetti define resilience as “a dynamic developmental process that encompasses an individual’s capacity to adapt positively following significant adversity.”1 While some researchers have conceptualized resilience as a trait fixed early in life,2 many clinicians and researchers view it as a multidimensional and transactional process unfolding across the lifespan. When considering resilience in individuals recovering from a first episode of psychosis (FEP), it is important to remember that this condition usually develops over an extended period of time and culminates in a psychotic disorder that may further languish for months or even years before proper treatment is procured. Even when effective treatment for FEP is obtained, it rarely eliminates all the symptoms and dysfunction. Individuals are still left struggling to cope with an often chronic and unpredictable illness and, while trying to make sense of their experiences, they must struggle to put their lives back together as best as they can. Therefore, understanding the nature of resilience in individuals with FEP is a uniquely complex undertaking.

Supervised consumption site visits decreased overdose deaths: study

A new study out of the University of Alberta shows a correlation between increased visits to supervised consumption sites and decreased fentanyl overdose deaths. The study, published in The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, used publicly available data from opioid-response reports between 2017 and 2020 published by the Government of Alberta along with the number of visits to supervised consumption sites.