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Best Resistance Bands for Your Workout

Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but deals expire and prices can change. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission. Questions? Reach us at content. Looking to do some more working out...
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The Best Adjustable Kettlebells: Can Anything Rival Bowflex?

Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but deals expire and prices can change. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission. Questions? Reach us at content. Working out from home is great but...
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Best Bike Locks to Keep Your Two Wheels Safe

You’ve got a nice bike and now you need to protect it. While there’s no such thing as a theft-proof bike lock, certain locks give your bike a fighting chance against thieves, while others work well as a deterrent to “opportunity theft,” like punk kids looking to boost a joy ride. Choosing the best bike locks breaks down to how long you want to leave your bike locked, and whether or not your turf is prone to theft.

Best Thrill-Seeking Activities for Adrenaline Junkies

When Mae West observed, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough,” she may not have been specifically referring to kiteboarding and subterranean zip lining. But when the adventure bug is biting, that keen observation also applies to any of those thrill-seeking activities.

10 Best CBD Oil for Arthritis: Top CBD Brands Reviewed 2022

This article was produced in partnership with Colorado Botanicals. Arthritis is a severe and debilitating condition that can affect people of all ages (although it’s more prominent in older individuals). The latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reveal that up to 58.5 million Americans over 18 had some form of arthritis in 2015.

Everyday Warrior Podcast Episode 1: Rock Legend Sammy Hagar

Men’s Journal’s Everyday Warrior With Mike Sarraille is a new podcast that inspires individuals to live more fulfilling lives by having conversations with disrupters and high performers in all walks of life. In our first installment, we sat down with Sammy Hagar, the singer-songwriter best known for the single “I Can’t Drive 55” and serving as the second lead singer for Van Halen after David Lee Roth.

Review: Testing Lake, Oru’s Lightest Foldable Kayak

Oru launched its first foldable kayak 10 years ago, drawing inspiration from origami and the tough corrugated polypropylene used in United States Post Office mail bins. Now, the brand’s announcing its newest innovation: Lake, which goes on presale today. It’s the lightest, fastest to set up, and least expensive kayak in its five-boat stable.

New Rolex Air-King Blurs the Line Between a Tool and Dress Watch

The aviation-themed watches just keep coming. Last week, we highlighted the release of a new Longines GMT watch with a fascinating backstory (and impressive performance specs), and this week, another high-flying timepiece has captured our attention: the new Rolex Air-King. Officially known as the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King, the revamped watch features a new case design, a revised bracelet, and some key aesthetic tweaks on the dial. With these changes, the Air-King gets sportier and more functional, blurring the line between tool watches and dress watches.

Learning to Walk Taller

Walking taller is a mindset, an attitude. No matter what circumstances or outcomes life throws your way, you’ll approach adversity with confidence and your head held high. This mindset is not innate—it’s a perspective forged from trying times that test your character. As a former Recon Marine, Scout Sniper, and retired US Navy SEAL Officer, overcoming extreme challenges is part of my identity. However, it was the moment I left the military—the only tribe I’d ever known that my biggest personal challenge began.

Best Recreational Sports for Adults to Play

If your football days are long over—or never were—and you’re hesitant to join a hockey team without a pair of skates, you can still get in the game—or at least some kind of game. Here’s our list of the best recreational sports for adults that will quench your thirst for playful competition this year. You might even meet a few new friends or drinking buddies in the process.

The 9 Best Scalp Care Products to Prevent Hair Loss

The concept of scalp care has come a long way from the days when Selsun Blue and Head & Shoulders were your only options. Popular skincare brands like The Ordinary and Dr. Barbara Sturm and hair care favorites like Verb and Act + Acre have released scalp treatments in recent months. On top of that, new brands like Jupiter have launched entire grooming product collections that put a strong emphasis on scalp care. Bottom line: Now’s a good time to take care of your scalp.

The Best Wrinkle Creams for Men

This article was published in partnership with Blu Atlas. Are you starting to notice new wrinkles during your Zoom meetings or when you look in the mirror? Men may not be as forward-thinking or proactive as women when it comes to aging, but their skin undergoes the inevitable aging process all the same—if not more. Thankfully, some of the best wrinkle creams for men are easily accessible and effective to help men age more gracefully.

22 Most Popular Men’s Colognes in 2022

This article was published in partnership with Blu Atlas. You never forget the smell of your favorite colognes. A good cologne, no matter if it was formulated decades ago or is a brand-new launch, can become an instant staple in your routine. That’s why today we’re taking a deep dive into the most popular men’s colognes of all time. They’re the ones you know and love. You have probably had some of them in your collection for years, but hopefully there are a few on our list you still need to try.

Blu Atlas Review: Why It’s the Best Men’s Skincare Brand

This article was published in partnership with Blu Atlas. With so many men’s skincare brands, it’s hard to know when one is actually worth your time and money. Whether you’re new to the grooming and self-care scene or have been here a while, you know many products appear similar and seem to offer the same benefits or results.

Best Smelling Soaps for Men

This article was published in partnership with Blu Atlas. Men’s skin-care and grooming is getting a much-needed upgrade, including traditional bar soaps. Instead of the basic, conventional soaps of yesteryear that left skin feeling too clean and stripped of its natural oils, today’s soaps for men are full of beneficial skin-care ingredients and subtle yet compelling fragrances that leave us coming back for more.

A Luxurious Airport Experience? The Salon at PS Makes It Possible

As part of my job, I travel at least once a month. Although certain aspects can be improved (like investing in Global Entry, which has allowed me to keep my shoes on and electronics in my bags at security screenings), air travel is generally an unforgiving slog. I don’t expect much from the experience other than eventually getting to where I’m going. But on a recent trip from Los Angeles to London, I had the chance to experience a very different (and very luxe) way to travel through an airport: the Salon at PS.