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Memphis-Area Architectural Firms

Information on The List was obtained from each individual organization through surveys and could not be independently verified. Although every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of The Lists, omissions sometimes occur. In case of ties, companies are listed alphabetically. Local and Memphis area refers to Shelby, Tipton, and Fayette counties in Tenn.; DeSoto, Marshall, Tate, and Tunica counties in Miss. and Crittenden County, Ark.

FedEx Corp. caps fiscal year with $93.5 billion in revenue; execs discuss revenue quality, CapEx in Q4 earnings call

“As CEO, my focus is maximizing total shareholder return, driven by improved revenue quality, higher margins, and a balanced capital allocation strategy,” said new CEO Raj Subramaniam on the call. THIS ARTICLE IS FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. Continue reading with your subscription. Access 4 weeks of business news and insights.

FedEx to add delivery photo feature for Express, Ground customers

Though never a stranger to headlines, FedEx has revealed a flurry of developments recently. About a week and a half ago, it announced the addition of two new board members and changes to executive compensation incentives. Not long after, the company detailed the new pay for founder Fred Smith and president and CEO Raj Subramaniam, and said Brie Carere had been named the company’s first chief customer officer.

Real estate Leads - June 17, 2022

Find out what areas are developing rapidly to capitalize on growth opportunities for your business. Leverage data around foreclosures, building permits, mortgages, transactional data and more. Identify the individuals and developers securing the largest commercial and residential building permits in the area, with details on the date, location, dollar value...

Liens & bankruptcies Leads - June 17, 2022

Learn which local businesses have recently filed for bankruptcy, unpaid income or unpaid payroll taxes. Mechanics' liens are included. Utilize this information to navigate opportunity and avoid risk. Contact us to have a custom Leads search with full data delivered to your inbox weekly.

#WFH Chronicles: Time for summer break

As I head off on the first of two planned vacations, I want to let you know that #WFH Chronicles is taking a break for a bit. Not only will I take advantage of some much-needed time off, it’s time to think about what this column will look like going forward. Our conversations about working from home, working in a hybrid environment, working remotely and everything in between have run their course, I think. Now that we’re settling into post-pandemic work environments, it’s time to re-evaluate and shift to topics that make sense in our new normal.