Jennifer O: Exceptionally Talented Yoga Expert mantra for life “Yoga is a Journey and it is For Everyone”

I would say it has made me more aware of my body and my breath. It has made me more fearless, with practicing inversions (that I used to be terrified of). Most importantly it has created this space of inner calm, and it is something you end up having with you, on or off the yoga mat. And in fact, the calm was always there. Just tough sometimes in life to find your way back to.

A Meditation on Phone Solicitations

Her voice was cool and mechanical. I hung up. Didn’t even say hello. I knew she wanted me to pay for an extended warranty on my thirteen-year-old Honda Civic. Even after I sold the car, she kept calling. Bless her heart. Landlines...The Ties That Bind. I keep a landline at...

Lorde Releases New Teaser Video For 'Solstice'

Mere weeks after bringing the sunshine with her sunny, summertime bop “Solar Power,” Lorde is yet again drawing inspiration from Mother Nature for her follow-up track, which may be called “Solstice.” This went down on Sunday (June 20), as she quietly released a teaser clip for what looks like another visual on her website.

A New Wellbeing Twist on Wax Melts

How about a wax melt that does more than smell good? A melt that empowers, cleanses and spreads your surroundings with universal energy and positive love & light. With wax melts being all the craze right now and spirituality also becoming more widely practiced are these just the perfect combo…

What Is a Child?

There are differences between adults and children, but perhaps, not as significant as we imagine. While for obvious reasons children need adults’ help and protection, they also want respect, freedom of choice, and many of the other things adults value. Children wish to grow up, because they want to live lives after their own hearts.

Your ADHD Plan: A Recipe for Better Focus

A detailed ADHD plan considers a range of interventions. Flexible trial and error is one key to success. Stay proactive and consider everything from medication to meditation that may help with focus. A detailed ADHD plan considers a range of interventions around attention, organization, time management, and the rest of...

Alila Hinu Bay Opens to Guests in Oman

Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) announced today the opening of Alila Hinu Bay in Oman which joins Alila Jabal Akhdar as the brand's second hotel in Oman along with 15 other Alila properties worldwide. Distinguished a strong commitment to sustainable tourism, the award-winning brand features luxury hotels and resorts in some of the most spectacular natural locations.

'opus' meditation bed with spatial sound + vibration technology makes self-care effortless

Though meditation is becoming a well-being staple for many individuals, it can be a challenging practice to learn and stick to. here where the ‘opus’ soundbed comes in, taking shape as a comfortable deployable bed with integrated spatial sound and vibration technology that offers users an effortless self-care experience. designed by fuseproject, the bed showcases a minimal geometric look with a triangular base, making for a unique furniture piece that can fit in any contemporary household.
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I’m So Thankful For My Single Years

Sometimes people mistake being single as being lonely. While being lonesome is a valid feeling, it’s not always the case for single people. In fact, there are things in this life that you may only unravel through your singleness. I recently came across a quote that says, “If you don’t...

Oceanarium is a game about meditation and alien sea creatures

Oceanarium is a seabound exploration game based on how little we know about the deepest darkest reaches of the sea. You'll swim, you'll relax, you'll discover alien-looking sea creatures, and help the ocean heal. There are lots of wiggly things and eyeballs, bright lights and lovely shades of blue, and it makes the scary bits of the sea look very pleasant indeed. It comes out on Steam later today.
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Warning These Are 7 Signs That Your Chakras Are Out Of Balance

Chakras drive us as persons. It depends on the energies that we come in contact with, the situations around us, the physical and emotional impact that it has on us, and the way we respond to it. Whenever something good or bad happens to us or around us, we react...
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Why You Might Feel Worse After You Meditate – and How to Prevent It

In 2008, I sat in the Ballroom of a Marriott at Tampa International Airport, trying to meditate. I felt like I was going to puke. My head hurt. My body felt like a dumpster fire that had just been doused with expired milk. Worst of all, frustration and self-blame clawed at my consciousness.

Riot Recommendation: 15 of the Best Books About Wellness

I don’t need to tell you that it’s been a trying 15 months. The pandemic has affected everyone differently, but average mental health has seen a significant decline. We all found our own ways to cope. Maybe you took up meditation and healthy eating during this time and found new hobbies you never had time for before — or, and probably more likely, maybe you prioritized only the most essential things and weren’t able to take care of yourself the way you would like to.