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Elms to get new website

MACOMB — Elms Nursing Home Administrator Tim Bledsoe told a McDonough County Board committee this week that the facility will have an improved website by the end of June.. "Illinois is requiring that certain information must be available on a public facility's website," he said. The Elms has hired a consultant from Quincy to...
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Macomb’s Isaac Montfort, recalling his early frontier life

There was a lot of nostalgia for childhood days during the 19th century, and it was often expressed in well-known poems. For example, Samuel Woodworth’s “The Old Oaken Bucket” first appeared in 1817, and it declares at the outset, “How dear to my heart are the scenes of my childhood,/ When fond recollection presents them to view!” It became immensely popular. Many other such poems came along, including John Greenleaf Whittier’s “The Barefoot Boy” (1855), which views youth as a time of innocence and joyful experience with nature, and James Whitcomb Riley’s “The Old Swimmin’ Hole” (1883), which also recalls “the merry days of youth.” There were many positive prose recollections, too, but none became quite so famous.
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Strong Storms possible this evening

TRI-STATES (KHQA) — UPDATE:. Shortly before 5 p.m. on Friday, a Tornado Warning was issued for McDonough County. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will impact the Tri-States this evening. These storms will fire along a cold front that is moving towards the east. As the cold front interacts with instability...
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VIDEO: Possible tornado or landspout spotted near Good Hope

A family in McDonough County are grateful to be safe after severe weather––including what appears to be a tornado or a landspout–barreled through the area and near the family's farm on Friday. Katie Weisinger Hoge captured video of the event around 4:48 p.m. and shared it on...

Committee meets briefly for proclamation, discussion

MACOMB — The Macomb Committee of the Whole met briefly Monday for a proclamation and brief recap of proposed ordinances. Mayor Inman proclaimed May 8-14, “Turquoise Takeover Week” for lung cancer. McDonough County Health Department's Environmental Health Director, Chris Adams and Public Information Officer, Nikki Duffy were present. They told the committee that every two...


Submit your questionnaire for consideration. In March of 2018 the Illinois NAACP and the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) announced their Shared Principles Agreement. This historic collaboration is based on a strong commitment to “foster and build trust between communities of color and police agencies,” according to Illinois NAACP President Teresa Haley. In endorsing the Agreement, ILACP President James R. Kruger, Jr. stressed the need for law enforcement and the people they serve “to broaden our sense of community, rebuild trust and commit to shared values.” In 2020, all of the law enforcement agencies in McDonough County adopted the Ten Shared Principles, the first county in Illinois to do so.
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Western Illinois cattle producer welcomes next generation

BLANDINSVILLE, Ill. — When picturing a modern Illinois cattleman, envision a family farmer, perhaps a dad raising champion show cattle and cheering on his children. Or picture him in the field checking on cattle, or at a board meeting advocating for other beef producers. You might picture Welsh runs...

Resident opposed to multi-state CO2 pipeline

Driving thru rural McDonough County, one can view “No Easement, CO2 Carbon Pipelines, No Eminent Domain” signs. Last December, land owners in or near the proposed pipeline area in thirteen Illinois counties: Hancock, Adams, McDonough, Henry, Knox, Fulton, Schuyler, Brown, Pike, Scott, Morgan, Sangamon, and Christian received an informational packet from a private company proposing five-states: South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, 1,300-mile-long CO2 pipeline. Industrial CO2 would be captured, piped, and then sequestered in Christian County, IL. CO2 is transported as a liquid under very high pressure.

Bakery business joins Farmers Market May 14

MACOMB — In her defense, McDonough County Public Defender, Stephanie Hilton, always had an interest in baking. “I learned to bake from my mom, she is a big baker. She's very well known for her pies,” Hilton said. “I grew up watching her bake, then learned from her to do events from our church, LaHarpe Methodist.

Some noted American poetic insights on death

The recent “In Memoriam” section of the “McDonough County Voice,” on April 22, referred to more than 800 area residents who had passed away during 2020-2021, and for many readers it provoked good memories of various folks who had lived here for a long time—as well as some reflections on just how transitory, but also how deeply meaningful, human life is.