Why You Should Think Twice About Getting Concession Stand Hot Dogs

Baseball has been called America's pastime and since the peak of the pro and minor league seasons occur during summer, it's one of those fun, family-friendly activities you can bring the kids to over school break. The ballpark food is a major part of the overall experience, with some stadiums getting increasingly creative and downright excessive in their overindulgent approach.
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The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich That's Enraging Reddit

Popeyes has historically been known for its fried chicken and delicious buttermilk biscuits, though since August 2019 and the advent of the chicken sandwich wars, consumers have been flocking to buy their chicken sandwich, with foot traffic in 2021 even surpassing pre-pandemic levels (per Yahoo Finance). Developing the sandwich was serious business, a project two years in the making that entailed using a special flour, applying the same buttery topping used in their famous biscuits to the bun, and cutting thick, barrel-cured pickles that outsized the competition's, according to QSR.
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How Real Good Foods Wants To Stand Out With Its New Breaded Chicken

Homemade crispy chicken nuggets, nuggets from the frozen food aisle, or McDonald's famous version are all a piece of bite-size goodness for both kids and kids at heart. According to market research company Kerry, the love for this golden finger food increased dramatically during the pandemic, offering individuals and families an easy and "comforting" food for lunch, dinner, or whenever hunger strikes. Consumers' love for chicken nuggets hasn't waned, and during their research, Kerry discovered the qualities fans of this food desire. Kate Bailey, principal sensory and consumer scientist at Kerry, says, "Almost all the respondents, regardless of nationality, expressed need for a certain intensity of chicken flavour, and more golden colour."

A Cherished McDonald's Breakfast Item Is Finally Back On The Menu

What comes to your mind first when you think of fast food breakfasts? For McDonald's, the breakfast menu includes staples like McMuffins, hotcakes, and hash browns, but there are some hacks that you can make to the McDonald's breakfast menu. One beloved McDonald's breakfast option was once breakfast bagel sandwiches. And although the item was taken off the fast-food chain's menu, McDonald's is bringing bagels back.

Mindy Kaling's Attempt At The Bear Spaghetti Has Instagram Drooling

If you're a fan of FX's "The Bear," which NPR called "a funny, raw, real drama," you're in good company. Mindy Kaling is also a professed fan of the show. Not only that, she was so into the back-of-house drama that she decided to cook one of the show's iconic dishes. In the last episode of the series, Carmy (who Mindy refers to as a "tortured chef") makes a pasta dish that his late brother loved. This is the dish that Mindy decided to replicate for her fans on Instagram, and, in her words, "transport myself into the Chicago food scene."

TikTok Is Cracking Up Over Gordon Ramsay's Tortilla Slap

Gordon Ramsay seems to have a split personality. There's the serious, professional Ramsay, chef of the Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London, with an empire of eateries spread across the globe. Then, there's television personality Gordon Ramsay, known for his fiery temper, lack of filter, quick wit, and somewhat terrifying take on mentorship and tough love, which fans have seen on his shows "Kitchen Nightmares" and "MasterChef." But perhaps the most unexpected and most likable, role Ramsay has taken on is that of silly, social media-obsessed dad.

Baskin-Robbins' New Cold Brew Flavor Is Really A Dessert

When it comes to coffee, everyone has their preference on the perfect cup of joe. Some insist on taking their usual cup black, while others will happily load up on creamers and sweeteners to lighten the bitter beverage to their tastes. From the bare bones to all of the flavorful fixings, the spectrum of coffee spans wide — and Baskin-Robbins' new caffeinated drink may claim the spot at the very end of the sweet side.

The Controversial Reason Starbucks Is Being Sued Over Refreshers

Starbucks has been in the news a lot lately. The chain claims that its recent announcement about the closing of stores is "just the beginning" of other major changes coming to the brand, but it's also been making headlines for employees' union efforts passing major milestones, and the company even tried to bring a case against Arizona union organizers in court (per The Arizona Republic). Now, thanks to a recent lawsuit, it looks like the chain's newsworthy legal troubles are far from over.

Why Big Changes Are Coming To Burger King

As if reducing the chicken nugget portion size from 10 to eight wasn't traumatizing enough, Burger King plans on making more changes to streamline its processes and adjust to inflation (via Market Watch). Although it would be fair to assume that Burger King and McDonald's would be struggling with the same issues, in 2021 McDonald's was ranked the top fast food chain in the U.S. by QSR Magazine, while the home of the Whopper sat sadly in 7th place. As it lagged behind its longtime rival, Burger King began to cut items from its menu in December 2021 and saw nearly a 2% rise in sales as a result (per Restaurant Business Online).

Wendy's Will Add The Breakfast Food We All Suspected To Its Menu

If there's one thing celebrities, high schoolers, and fast food restaurants all have in common, it's that they all know that thanks to the internet, it's really hard to keep a secret these days. Social media's biggest pro — being able to share information with a huge group of people instantaneously — can also be a con for those who have information they want kept secret.

The Real Reason Costco May Have An Employee Crisis On Its Hands

Over the past few years, Americans have seen many changes in employment and inflation may have forced some workers to be more proactive in seeking a living wage from their employers. According to CNN, Costco raised its minimum wage for hourly workers to $17 in October 2021 and the chain has one of the lowest turnover rates in the retail industry. In the US, the company employs a total of 195,000 full- and part-time employees (via Costco). Unfortunately, many benefits of wage gains were leveled out with inflation (via Brookings University).

Joanna Gaines Tugs At Fans' Heartstrings With A Throwback Of Her Little Boy

When Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip first appeared on our television screens, they were a family of six living in Waco, Texas, with a home renovation business that was the focus of their hit television show "Fixer Upper," per via USA Today. But a lot has changed for the duo since their debut. They've been instrumental in turning the city of Waco into a vacation destination, says Vox, similar to how The Pioneer Woman's Mercantile restaurant and other businesses have revitalized Pawhuska, Oklahoma (via KTUL). The Gainses have made big career moves, from Joanna writing several cookbooks and starring in a cooking show, "Magnolia Table," to launching the Magnolia Network. But some of the biggest changes for the star have been in her personal life.

Why Consumers Are Being Urged To Return Dark Chocolate Truffles

It's no secret that food allergies are rampant in the United States, and they could be due to some unexpected factors with our diets. Some argue that it's because of the health of our gut microbiomes, while others are sure it's all the GMOs we consume. No matter what the reason actually is, one thing is for certain: The increase in food allergies has led to an increase in demand for allergy-free food products. When a product is labeled as free of the top eight food allergens — milk, eggs, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans (via FDA) — consumers can rest assured that their snacks are safe. Over the last decade, the snack industry has been booming with allergen-safe products, like nut-free sunflower seed butter, and of course, dairy-free chocolate.

The Paqui One Chip Challenge Is Back And More Taxing Than Ever

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. Late last year, a man from San Diego earned the respect — and likely the envy — of spicy food connoisseurs everywhere by beating the Guinness World Record for "fastest time to eat three Carolina Reaper chillies" (via Guinness). The blistered fruit has been deemed the hottest chile pepper in the world by the reference guide, drawing in daring souls like moths to a blazing-hot flame. Many of those moths are fans of Paqui Tortilla Chips, a Texas-based brand that makes the spiciest chips in America and caters to those who might look at a bag of Takis Fuego and think: "Mmm, breakfast."

Classic Vodka Martini Cocktail Recipe

James Bond was onto something — and no, we don't mean hot on the trail of Dr. No or onto the vile plans of Alex Trevelyan. We mean he was onto something with his choice of beverage and its method of preparation. While the original martini was made with gin, the vodka martini has been around for so many generations that calling it a "classic" is more than justified. Indeed, according to Newsweek, Bond did in most cases specifically drink vodka martinis. And of course, he asked for them — say it with us — "Shaken, not stirred."

Easy Dinner Rolls Recipe

It's not a complete dinner without rolls, right? Virtually any evening meal is elevated with the addition of dinner rolls. However, no one needs to know just how easy these are to throw together. You don't need many ingredients to make dinner rolls from scratch, and of that already short list, you likely already have many of the ingredients sitting in your pantry. And, you can whip these rolls up in under an hour, so it's really a win-win recipe.

Mistakes Everyone Makes When Making Homemade Granola

Granola is sweet, nutty, and simply heavenly. It's one of those snacks that everyone should learn to make at home. Many people prefer homemade granola to the store-bought version that is often packed with sugar and preservatives. If you make your own granola, then you can swap the white sugar with alternatives like honey, maple syrup, and fruits. Whether it's eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, granola is guaranteed to be a crowd favorite.

The Best Decaf Coffees In 2022

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. For an instant jolt of energy, many find that a brimming cup of coffee is all that's needed to wake the senses. But surprisingly enough, not everybody wants the caffeine coursing through their body. Decaf coffee can offer the best of both worlds, mimicking the dark brew in flavor and appearance without the heart-racing elements known to aggravate anxiety and restlessness (via Healthline). This doesn't change the fact that coffee-lovers remain seriously divided on decaffeinated coffee. As Vox notes, decaf is viewed as an inferior imposter pretending to be something that it's not.

Dessert Enthusiasts Will Love Popeyes New Offerings

Popeyes is known for many things – delicious fried chicken and feathery biscuits, for example — but when it comes to its dessert menu, many foodies may draw a blank. But while Popeyes isn't as famous for its teats as other Southern-based chains like Dairy Queen, it still has offered the sweet-obsessed a chance to fulfill their cravings. Of course, its classic, cinnamon-dosed apple pie has always been a hit with customers who enjoy the sweeter side of life. But recently Popeyes seems to have decided to try venturing even further into the world of deserts.