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POLL: Would You Live In This Home?

If you ask any creative professional what their dream project would be, they will most likely say anything that allows them the freedom to create at-will—to have few restrictions when it comes to their imagination and design ideas. Complete freedom is a rare occurrence but it does sometimes happen. With this impressive custom home, the team at Purple Cherry Architects, of Annapolis, came as close to creative carte blanche as they may ever get.
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POLL: Have You Been On An Airplane Since The Pandemic Started?

During a typical year, this would be the time airlines see traffic trends shift from the busy summer travel season to the fall, in which business travel takes a larger role. That calendar shift will be problematic for airlines this year, as corporate travel has yet to return in any meaningful way. In fact, the sector hasn't shown any improvement in months, according to one analyst group.
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Do you think Marlyland is not allowing landlords to increase rent during the coronavirus?

A group of landlords is suing three Maryland jurisdictions, saying some recently enacted local laws that prevent rent increases during Maryland’s state of emergency are unconstitutional. The 23 property owners — which rent thousands of housing units in Baltimore, Salisbury and Howard County — say local governments overstepped when they...