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Crypto and clean-energy stocks are at the center of the latest meme stock rally sparked by Bed Bath & Beyond's massive surge in recent weeks

Bed Bath & Beyond is "king" in this latest meme-stock rally, but clean-energy and crypt is also getting attention, Vanda Research says. Coinbase may see renewed momentum with the upcoming Ethereum blockchain upgrade. Bed Bath & Beyond shares have soared more than 380% since a rally was sparked earlier in...

OPEC's new chief says the cartel can't be blamed for high oil and gas prices, and underinvestment in the entire industry is behind the global energy crisis

OPEC's new secretary-general said the cartel can't be blamed for high oil and gas prices. Underinvestment in the industry broadly is to blame for surging prices. "This is the harsh reality that people have to wake up to and policymakers have to wake up to," the cartel's new chief said.

Manchester United stock rallies as owners are reportedly open to selling a stake after Elon Musk's joke tweet about buying the soccer club

Manchester United jumped 6% Wednesday after Bloomberg reported that the soccer club's owners could be open to selling a minority stake. The Glazer family isn't yet ready to cede control but is weighing the option of new investors. Earlier, Elon Musk tweeted that he was going to buy Manchester United,...